With The Angels

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With The Angels
Created by Mary Feuer
Taffy Jamie Tisdale
Ashley Carly Jones
Andy René Alvarado
Clay Timothy Lee DePriest
Trey Sean Vincent Biggins
Miranda Kay Ostrenko
Carrie Madison Palasini
Production Crew
Directors Mary Feuer
Paul Van Wart
Producers Mary Feuer
Jonathan Robert Kaplan
Character Creator Werner Trieschmann
Director of Photography Neil de la Peña
Editor Albert Cantú
Associate Producer Jenni Powell
Casting Director Amy DeSouza
Music Supervisor Mike Bajrami
Publicist Cindy Ronzoni
Story Editor Jonathan Robert Kaplan
Writers Mary Feuer
Jonathan Robert Kaplan
Werner Trieschmann
Ariel Lustig
William Shakespeare
Graphic Designers Andrew Dijak
Albert Reinhardt
Production Assistants Benjy Kaplan
Simei Pulu, Jr.

With The Angels is a web series on Strike.tv created by Mary Feuer which stars lonelygirl15's Carly Jones and Sean Vincent Biggins. According to the official description, "With The Angels" tells the fish-out-of-water story of a small-town Arkansas girl named Taffy Simpson who moves to the "freak-infested waters" of Venice, California. The thirty-six episodes cover topics such as God, fame, love, sex, cars, music, TV - and "all the other things we put our faith in."

The show debuted on October 28, 2008 until December 29, 2008 for 36 episodes. It has been indicated that a second season is likely to be produced.

Cast of Characters

  • Jamie Tisdale as Taffy Simpson, a small-town girl who moves to the big city. Her faith in God keeps her grounded, but often creates conflict with others who don't agree or abide by her religious teachings.
  • Carly Jones as Ashley, Taffy's roommate and an aspiring actress determined to make it big in Hollywood. She doesn't understand Taffy's devotion to her religion, but goes out of her way to try and broaden her horizons.
  • René Alvarado as Andy, Ashley's best friend from College. He is a constant fixture on Ashley's couch, an battles an unrequited love for her. Like Ashley, his understanding of Taffy's beliefs is limited.
  • Timothy Lee DePriest as Clay. the neighbor initially only known only as the "Mystery Man from Apartment 6," Clay sees Taffy as a hypocrite due to series of bad experiences he had with religion and the City of Angels.
  • Sean Vincent Biggins as Trey Alan Gordon, a writer for television whose golden years have long passed. He is captivated by Ashley, and attempts to wow her by taking her out to fancy Hollywood premieres.
  • Kay Ostrenko as Miranda, a spiritual person in a different sense, she promotes the ideas of positive thinking and being your own personal god in order to get ahead in life, though it hasn't worked out well for her so far.
  • Madison Palasini as Carrie, Andy's new girlfriend whom he met as a result of an online dating service. She identifies herself as Christian, but engages in behaviors such as getting body art which conflict with Taffy's beliefs.
  • Additional Cast includes Judy Courtland, Brian Rodda, Karanpreet Mahal, Maz Siam, Melody May, Mari Ostrenko, Malcolm Bennett, Jacob Solomon, Peter Choyce, and Amy DeSouza.

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