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ZorinXL is a web series drama that premiered as part of The Coalition on YouTube. The series later moved to TheCoalitionTV.com.

ZorinXL Unknown
Jiana Terrine Unknown
Carmine Terrine Unknown
Asar-Hapi Unknown
Vincent Andreotti Unknown
Christina Borsellino Unknown


What happens when worlds collide? Can the worlds' religions, governments, and corporate interests ever peacefully co-exist? Not on your life...or death. All the world's a stage and we are merely puppets. Who are the puppet masters? Who really pulls the strings? And why is everyone suddenly so interested in a little girl named Jiana?


  • ZorinXL - assassin, mercenary, and product of "The Facility"; brothers with Kris Cogan, and possibly a clone
  • Jiana - ZorinXL's younger sister; speaks to an imaginary friend RayRay

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