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The Coalition is not just a show – though you can sit back and watch some really neat videos and do nothing else. The Coalition is not just a game – though you can participate in drops, puzzle solving and clue uncovering.

The Coalition, taking place within the Red Territory, is a fully interactive, immersive experience, the first of its kind anywhere on the internet. You participate by becoming a character in The Coalition universe interacting online via video, blog, email, forum posts and by meeting the characters face to face and interacting with them LIVE.

Main Series

The Facility

The Facility follows the stories of a government facility, as a biological research facility.


Suffering from memory loss, William Sean Wise embarks on a grim quest to unravel his mysterious past and change the course of his foreordained future.


Worldfiles follows the story of Kris Lamont Cogan, as he attempts to unravel his past. He is joined by numerous companions as he travels the world for answers, all the time on the run from his former employer, ROOT.


What happens when worlds collide? Can the worlds' religions, governments, and corporate interests ever peacefully co-exist? Not on your life...or death. All the world's a stage and we are merely puppets. Who are the puppet masters? Who really pulls the strings? And why is everyone suddenly so interested in a little girl named Jiana?

Allies and Adversaries

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