1:30 PM - Ultimatums

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Episode 75/1x075
1:30 PM - Ultimatums

I'm still in the Order hehe!

Blogger Sarah
Date Posted December 12th, 2008
URL youtube.com
Forum forum discussion
Length 1:24
Description Let's make a deal.
Location(s) Los Angeles
YouTube Tags lg15 resistance lonelygirl15 day of atonement 12x12 12 in twelve amateur casteneda hymn one none cult blood
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried, and Amanda Goodfried
Line Producer Lynn Kramer
Production Assistant(s) Andrea Aguilar and Travis Prow
Director(s) Yusuf Pirhasan
Assistant Director(s) Ram Paul Silbey
Camera Kevin Schlanser
Head Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov
Vidplay Joshua Hale Fialkov and Jim Campolongo
Story Joshua Hale Fialkov and Miles Beckett
Editor(s) Jerry Pyle, Yusuf Pirhasan, James Renfroe, and Christopher Ryder
Music Supervisor Seth Jacobs
Music "Whatever" by Casteneda
Sarah Alexandra Dreyfus
Jonas Jackson Davis
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1:30 PM - Ultimatums is the seventy-fifth blog in the LG15: The Resistance blog series. It is part seven of the Day of Atonement.


(Jonas and Sarah are in a car. Banging is heard from the trunk and Jonas pans the camera to the back seat.)

Sarah: Can you just shut him up?

(Jonas swings the camera to Sarah.)

Jonas: What do you- What do you want me to do?

Sarah: Alderman, if you don't shut up, I'm gonna send Jonas back there and he's gonna rip out your throat!

(The banging stops and Sarah looks innocently at the camera. Cut to a sunnier scene.)

Sarah: Look, I'm- I'm sorry, uh, about, um...

Jonas: You know what? Yeah. Don't worry about it; it was a mistake. Okay? I gotta call Reed. I gotta call Maggie.

Sarah: You know what? They'll be fine. They've work to do, too, and, you know, whatever we have to deal with, we'll deal with later.

Jonas: Yeah, well, just the same, I'd like to call and check in. If you don't mind.

Sarah: You know what? We don't have time. Just do it. Do it!

Jonas: Alright. (Jonas turns the camera on himself.) Alright. Calling on all collective bad guys, here's the deal: you have something we want, we have something you want. Sounds like we should make a trade. The Order, you want your list? Fine! And LBL, you want your poster boy back, no problem. All we want is the cure. The rules are simple for everybody: you keep what we want intact, you get what you want intact. This is non-negotiable. You've got two hours to make up your mind.

(Lowers the camera.)

Alright, I gotta post this.

Sarah: I'll do it. (Grabs Jonas's BlackBerry.)

Jonas: What?

Sarah: I'll do it.

Jonas: No. You're dri- you're driving!

Sarah: Just take the wheel, okay? I'm gonna handle the posts from here on out; you need to keep your head straight for the both of us.

Jonas: Sarah, why don't you just-- Let me--

Sarah: Just-- Just-- Take the wheel and don't be difficult! (Glares at Jonas as she stops the car.)

Jonas: (Sighs.) Okay. Okay, fine.

(Jonas hands the camera to Sarah as he grabs the steering wheel.)

Sarah: Jesus.


  • It is speculated that since Sarah insists on uploading the video, that she may have edited something out.