5on5: Everything Changes

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Flock Video Bonus #2
5on5: Everything Changes

5th September 2007

Blogger The Flock
Date Posted August 30th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description This lonelygirl15 spinoff series follows the lives of girls who are followers of the Hymn of One, a mysterious religion with close ties to a shadowy secret society called the Order.
YouTube Tags chosenflock lonelygirl15 lg15 flock chandra alondra alessandra cynthia liandra betsy sandra

Music Against All Odds and Sweeper Cell
Li Credit Withheld
Cynthia Credit Withheld
Betz Credit Withheld
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5on5: Everything Changes is the trailer for the Flock Season 1 Finale, taking place on 5th September.


Text: In a world, where nothing is as it seems...

(Symbols of the Hymn Of One, and The Flock flash on the screen)

Text: They were brought together for an unknown reason

(Map of the world highlighting certain countries. A shot of a helicoper, a shot panning over a city, )

Liandra: (From Things Do Not Change, We Change) There it is - The Shen Ring.

Text: 5 VIDEOS

(A shot of a trolley, and footsteps.)

Cynthia: (From A Change for the Worse) I don't know who these people are, I don't know what they're capable of.

(Outlines of people on an orange background.)

Liandra: (From Things Do Not Change, We Change) Negative notes only make for a sad song.

(A video of someone driving.)

Text: SEPT.5 2007

(An image of someone holding someone's hand, a screen with a picture of Alondra saying 'BREAKING NEWS FINN PROTEGE INJURED, then Betz looking at her screen, then looking towards the camera. A shot of a nurse walking down a corridor. An X appears on the screen, then fades away.)

Betsy: (From Change is inevitable) I will not sing my eternal song.

Text: Everything Changes

(A screen saying 'The Flock 5on5 9/5/07' appears)