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Main Characters

Alessandraprofile1.jpg Liandraprofile1.jpg Betzprofile1.jpg Alondraprofile1.jpg
Alessandra Liandra Betsy Alondra
Chandraprofile1.jpg Cynthiaprofile1.png Sandraprofile1.jpg Anandaprofile1.jpg
Chandra Cynthia Sandra Ananda


There are girls all around the world whose blood is able to give life. An sinister organization with connections to almost all aspects of the world we live in - The Order - hunts these girls and uses their blood to extend the lives of their all powerful Elders. How do you fight the Order? You introduce an unknown into their perfect equation. The power of X. A warrior whose sole mission is to keep the Order from reaching these girls at any cost. In the United Kingdom, a girl named Alessandra lives with her religious parents. After her best friend Cynthia from her old hometown encourages her to sneak out at night to parties, she is placed under lock and key by her parents and her strict "Helper" Sophie, who seem to be preparing her for the Ceremony. Cynthia, worried, sets out on a mission to save her friend, but at a great personal cost. In the United States, A young woman named Betsy, whose life was put back together by the mysterious Hymn of One, watches proudly as her young sister Sandra ascends in their ranks. However, once she stumbles across the truth, the Order attempts to wipe her memory, and she quietly stands by, waiting for an opportunity to save her sister, along with a young artist named Ananda who may be the key to taking them down once and for all. And finally, two girls who have been given anything and everything by the Order seek to cultivate their wealth in the form of a group of "friends" from all across the world to boss around - including Liandra, a young girl who is desperately searching for her calling in life and the melody to her eternal song...

Together, they are The Chosen Flock.

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List of Videos

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  3. Hi I'm Li! - L17
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  5. A Video About Myself - ADRA
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  7. Yeah... - TD
  8. Horror Movies vs Horror Films... - HL
  9. Lipgloss + Blush = POWER - TD
  10. Celebrity Centre - ADRA
  11. Beyond Myself - L17
  12. Re: Horror Movies vs Horror Films... - CD
  13. My Ingenious Plan Worked! - HL
  14. Choices, Choices... - TD
  15. More about friends - L17
  16. Re: Choices, Choices... - ADRA
  17. My Very Good News - B281
  18. My 'Advisor' - HL
  19. My Advice Is Better Than Sophie's! - CD
  20. Hey Everyone! - GOS
  21. Do You Have "It"? - TD
  22. Re: Do You Have "It"? - L17
  23. Did You See The Race? - B281
    Re: Do You Have "It"? - DT
  24. Re: Do You Have "It"? - HL
  25. Listen - L17
  26. Where Are You? - CD
  27. Camp is the Word - GOS
  28. Here I am! - ADRA
  29. I'm glad you are having fun at camp! - B281
  30. Listen to my story - HL
  31. IT Girl Challenge Answers - ADRA
  32. My Last Video Maybe? - CD
  33. My Secret - ADRA
  34. Bibbidi Bobbidi-To Do - L17
  35. The Other Ceremony - B281
  36. Movie Time! - CD
  37. Short Changed - SHX
  38. Change is inevitable... - B281
  39. A Change for the Worse - CD
  40. Things Do Not Change, We Change - L17
  41. We Can Change the World - SHX
  42. What's Been Going On - CD
  43. We're Safe - HL
  44. Now Power - A114
  45. Oneness - A114
  46. Everything is Great! - B281
  47. My True Freedom - A114
  48. The Duck Pond - CD
  49. The Opposite of Great - B281
  50. New Meaning - A114
  51. The Song is All Around - L17
  52. Stop. - A114
  53. Time to Make the Phone Call - B281
  54. Bad Timing - A114
  55. No News Is Supposedly Good News - CD
  56. My Juggling for World Piece - A114
  57. I Know What I Did Last Summer - L17
  58. Fight the Order to the Power of X - SHX
  59. After Party - CD
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