Adam Wilmott

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Adam Wilmott
First Appearance Last Appearance
What Happened Today Part 1 Storyteller
Character information
Age Deceased
Date of Death April 29th, 2007
Portrayed by Jason Zednick

Videos with Adam Wilmott

Adam Wilmott (not to be confused with Adam Lamar) was a character in the Maddison Atkins ARG, now known as Maddison Atkins Chapter 1. He was classmates with Maddison and was working on a class project with Maddison when Mr. Zipp first contacted Maddison through a carrier pigeon. In the video What Happened Today Part 2, Adam was the one who first discovered the pigeon, HTMLvis, outside of Maddy's door, and found the note tied to the pigeon. He was very helpful in deciphering all of the clues Maddison received from the mysterious Mr. Zipp. He was a loyal friend, and promised Maddison that no matter what happened, he would be there for her. Adam’s desire to protect Maddison partly caused his own murder when Joel Frady killed Adam and Maddison outside of the house of Adam’s uncle.

Adam’s personality did a lot to help Maddison navigate the clues and handle the situation that had been given to her. Adam showed unbridled optimism at times and had a care free attitude that calmed Maddison when the messages from Mr. Zipp and other events would happen. Even though Adam exuberated a calm demeanor, he was determined to help Maddison solve the clues and find out what was going on. When the events leading up to their murders started in motion, Adam did what he could to protect Maddison, which sealed his fate as well.

Adam was dating a girl named Emily, but the two broke up shortly before his death. They had a dog named Whiskey, but Emily kept him in the breakup. Before the breakup, Whiskey was seen by Adam’s side almost wherever Adam went.


  • There is speculation that Adam was helping Mr. Zipp protect Maddison.

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