What Happened Today Part 1

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Episode 1/1x001
What Happened Today Part 1

Is that thing on?

Blogger Maddison Atkins
Date Posted April 11th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Length 3:14
Description Hey. I'm Maddison. I've had an interesting day today. Adam and I made this video to sort of introduce ourselves. After it was done, it ran just over 9 minutes, so we cut it in two. Watch the next one cause you might be able to help with this situation I'm in. The music may seem out of place, but really, it's not. You'll see what I mean soon.
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 daniel jonas maddison atkins letter parent help
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Jeromy Barber
Music "As It Stops Raining" by Georgia's Horse
Maddison Faye Austin
Adam Jason Zednick
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What Happened Today Part 1 is the first video in the Maddison Atkins video series.


Adam: Now... light balance. (Zooms in on two sheets of white paper, then zooms out and focuses on a stairwell) Alright... let's see. What does this do? (Quick shot of video color test bar) Oh. No, not that. And... auto-focus. Well, this isn't much different than the Canons. Hmm... Oh, cool. 20-14. Now, I wonder...

(Maddison walks up the stairs with her head down.)

Adam: Hey.

Maddison: Oh! (Looks up) Hey. Sorry I'm late. Are you ready?

Adam: Yeah.

(Maddison does a double take, then begins to walk down the stairs)

Maddison: Are you filming?

Adam: No, I was just... checking out some features.

Maddison: Stop wasting tape!

Adam: (Laughs sarcastically) "Wasting tape."

(Cuts to them in the car. Maddison is driving.)

Maddison: Guess it doesn't matter where we shoot it. We could shoot the sequence in front of any azalea bush... or tree. Is it called a tree?

Adam: I dunno.

Maddison: Whatever. There's millions of them on campus. We can just go to one of those garden trails around here.

Adam: The arber-ee... thingy.

Maddison: Yeah, the arboretum.

Adam: Cool. So, what are you going to wear? Awesome, this flips all the way around.

Maddison: What's wrong with what I'm wearing?

Adam: Uh, it has to be a-a news segment. Somewhat professional, right?

Maddison: All my clothes are like this. I don't have anything professional. I thought this was gonna work.

Adam: Take a right up here.

Maddison: A right? (Looks at camera) Is that thing on?

Adam: No.

(Musical montage. Focuses on right turn signal, then on stack of CDs. Cuts to a bag and dice hanging from rear-view mirror, then a blinking red traffic light. Cuts to inside a department store. Maddison looks through clothes racks and tries on a variety of "professional" looking clothes. She finally settles on a light purple jacket and a black skirt. Adam turns off the camera.)

Adam: Where's the button for...?