Am I Your Ruca?

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Episode 0005
Am I Your Ruca?

Chrys Ruca.jpg
Call me!

Blogger Chrysandra
Date Posted April 25th, 2007
Description (I was bit nervous about making this one. Please don't bash my singing!)

Call me, kids!

Urban dictionary defines "ruca" as: "the one girl, that you would choose above any other"

It differs with the speaker, I suppose.

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Am I Your Ruca? is the fifth video in the chrysplanet video series.


Chrys: (singing) Here's my telephone number, call me!

(The phone number (216) 619-0953 flashes on the screen. Cut back to Chrys.)


  • Upon dialing (216) 619-0953, we find that it is mysteriously disconnected. Later, we find out that Chrys' dad disconnected it.
  • Chrys has since removed this video from YouTube.