Apologies Mr. Atkins

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Episode 44/3x008
Apologies Mr. Atkins

Marla! That cigarette has enough cyanide in it to kill a small cow!

Blogger Marla
Date Posted December 5th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Length 2:35
Description Hey Mr. Atkins. I'm Marla, and I promise promise promise this will all make sense in time.


YouTube Tags Maddison Atkins maddisonatkins Clara Redearth88 SFASU SFA Nacogdoches Gregory Marla XO
Marla Maya Kramer
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Apologies Mr. Atkins is the forty-fourth video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the eighth video of chapter three.


Marla: (Sitting on some stairs. She looks off camera.) Okay. Am I on? Good. Um...so, it just hit me. Just now. I'm at Clara's place looking through some of the footage from XO - which is (makes a face) a lot - but Clara and I were outside smoking...yeah, we were smoking. (laughs) I can hear your nagging voices already.

(holding hands up like puppets, talking to each other in high pitched voices) Marla, you know that cigarette has enough cyanide in it to kill a small cow. (opposing hand blows smoke onto the other and makes it cough)

(normal voice) ADD for the win.

So when I was looking through the comments for the last video, I noticed that DJDan and some other said some things about Mr Atkins - he might be supportive, or he might not. And that combined with Clara's concerns about posting on the Maddison account, and that combined with the fact that it doesn't look like we're working on the Maddison documentary at all? Well...

Mr. Atkins...oh, um, you might not even know who I am. That's tough to explain. I'm Marla. I was really close to Maddison right before she died. Um, I'm sort of in town here in Nacogdoches for a couple of months. Um, but that's...(waves arms around in dismissal)

There are a lot of people who believe that this isn't over. That, um...that we're still in the middle of what we're trying to document. It's not like we're documenting something from the past. And I know you might not agree with that. But either way, I think that maybe we can both agree that this might be a little too big for Clara. (looks up off camera)

She did commit to doing this for you. And um, it's not moving forward at all, right? I'm going to make sure that Clara gets graduated right now. And then, I promise, I will take care of Maddison's documentary. If you're upset by that, then I'm not sure if you understand how much this documentary has actually affected Clara. And that Clara is actually now a really big part of the story. She is.

Oh, um, I went ahead and did something a little bit presumptuous. I created myself an email at the site. So, you can feel free to contact me there, or we can meet face to face when you come to Nac.

Sorry about everything again.


  • This is Marla Singer's first official Redearth88 video, even though she posted official videos during the Redearth88 Prologue.
  • This is also Marla's first video to be posted on the maddisonatkins account, and not her own or Clara's.