Good Luck in Vegas Adam Lamar

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Episode 45/3x009
Good Luck in Vegas Adam Lamar

One fat man with a mission

Blogger Marla
Date Posted January 8th, 2008
Length 2:18
Description Adam left the other day for Vegas. He's there already I suppose. I miss him.
YouTube Tags maddisonatkins maddison atkins Marlasinger Marla Clara Stokes amblyopianne
Music "Grand Prix" by Schuyler Hupp

Marla Maya Kramer
Adam Lamar Adam Lamar
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Good Luck in Vegas Adam Lamar is the forty-fifth video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the ninth video of chapter three.


Marla: Adam Lamar is leaving today. for Vegas. (Marla tried to close the truck door, but an orange box blocks it) Oh Fuck. (Pushes the box in and successfully closes the door, cut to marla sitting behind the wheel of a car.) One fat man with a mission: to get to Vegas with all his crap. Adam never really asked me to help him move, he just sort of showed up at my door and stole me. And then made me clean. (Cut to Marla wearing a green Elvis wig) Okay. Alright Adam, what am I doing? (Pause) Where'd he go? (looking at a clock) This clock tells me the time to eat. Eat time. Eat time. Eat Time. Eat Time. That's why Adam Lamar is kind of heavy.

Adam: You got shit to do.

(Musical Montage of Marla battling with the vacuum to clean a room and repeatedly jumping onto a bean bag chair. Adam enters at one point to turn on the vacuum.)

Marla: Adam, I'm done!

(Musical Montage of Adam vacuuming while Marla sits and watches. Cut to Marla sitting on the wheel-guard of the moving truck.)

Marla: So I guess I will miss him. He's my brotha. Oh well.