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Aunt Joan's house



Aunt Joan's house, as the name implies, is the house of Gavin's Aunt Joan. Gavin and Tariq approached Aunt Joan to see if she'd let them use her garage as an office space. When she indicated that she'd want the boys to pay rent, they reconsidered. Later, after Lee got a hold of Gavin and Tariq's secret software, they went to Aunt Joan's house again, this time drinking all of her alcohol and sleeping on her couch.

Later, after Gavin got released from prison, he stayed at Aunt Joan's house before buying his own flat.

During Precious Blood, when Terrence kidnapped Charlie, he left a code saying he had taken her to Gavin's Aunt Joan's house. They found both Charlie and Aunt Joan tied up and gagged. Once they rescued the two, Terrence almost blew up the house, but got stopped just in time. Gavin commented that he planned to stay at Aunt Joan's for a few days, which he did before being institutionalized.

Aunt Joan's house is actually the home of Margaret Hyams, the actress who plays her.

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