Come on Clara...

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Episode MAR4
Come on Clara...

The moral of the story is... stay away from tar pits.

Blogger Marla
Date Posted August 6th, 2007
Length 1:56
Description We're worried about you. You're coming in the chat drunk...and you say you've just been lazing around...come on...
YouTube Tags Clara amblyopianne maddison atkins lg15 marla singer andrewbeast stuck
Marla Maya Kramer
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Come on Clara... is the fourth video in the xmarlasingerx video series, a component of the Maddison Atkins video series.


Marla: It's really easy to get trapped in a hotel room when you're by yourself. Sunday is Andrew's day off so, um, we try to get out and do something. This is my last week here and I hadn't seen the La Brea Tar Pits yet so we figured we'd drive up into town and see them. I'll be honest, I just kinda wanted to stay in and eat junk food but getting out is probably a good thing for me at this point.

Okay, so it was interesting. See, they found thousands upon thousands of prehistoric bones in those tar pits. Animals were attracted to the tar pits because they look like water pools. They would come down and think that they were going to bathe and drink. When they waded in, they got stuck and slowly sank while their families watched them. It's really depressing actually. It really got me thinking. Seems like we just keep losing people and there's nothing we can do except watch.

Clara, I don't know where you are or what you're doing but we're worried about you. Listen, we just want you to be safe and healthy and we want you to keep that camera running like you're supposed to. Come on Clara, let us know you're okay. It's really easy to get stuck in something like this and nobody wants to see you do that.