Daniel Come Home...

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Episode aaronbeast #1
Daniel Come Home...

Aaronbeast Video 1.jpg
Come home, Daniel!

Blogger aaronbeast
Date Posted April 14th, 2007
URL revver.com
Description My name is Aaron. I'm the brother of Daniel - or Danielbeast of Lonelygirl15 as you all know him. He's been gone for months and I just recently found the LG15 videos - this is some freaky stuff...
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YouTube Tags daniel come home lonelygirl15 danielbeast jonastko aaron aaronbeast
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Daniel Come Home... is the first video in the aaronbeast series.


White Text on Black Screen: Daniel... it's your brother Aaron...

(Screen pans through wooded area then fades to Aaron's face)

Aaron: Daniel, where are you? You've... you've been missing for months. And I... I found the Lonelygirl15 videos on Youtube and um... who are these... who is this Order? Why are they chasing you? Daniel, mom misses you. I know you don't really think that. But, we thought you were dead. Where are you? You should come home.