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Character information
Age Unknown
Revver DTayl
Portrayed by Danielle Taylor
List of Danielle's blogs

Danielle Tayl is a character in The Chosen Flock Video Series. Danielle is an elegant girl who comes off as very polite but also insults people with a smile.


After Chandra and Alondra issued the "It" Girl challenge, Danielle posted a response where she answered all the questions. She answers the questions correctly, but does so in a manner that she provides a "better" alternative to compare the answer to. For example, she says that bright chunky frames are in according to Style.com, but black frames are more elegant. She criticizes the third question, citing that the mayor's wife is a strange person for a teenager to be hanging out with, and points out that they can be late to the luncheon if they are "fashionably" late. She further criticizes the quiz and the clique by stating that she hasn't watched "Clueless" since 1998, and she hoped that no one in the group would be stupid enough to.

Alondra reveals that Danielle recieved the highest score of all the candidates. She tells Danielle not to get too excited, as they graded on a curve. In the comments, Danielle criticizes Alondra's taste in shoes, believing that she is referring to Louis V instead of Louboutin.

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