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First Appearance Last Appearance
Now Power My Juggling for World Piece
Character information
Age 18
Date of Birth ("Gemini")
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
MySpace a114one
YouTube a114one
Portrayed by Brooke Curtis
List of Ananda's blogs

Ananda Jerr is a character in The Chosen Flock Video Series. Ananda posts art videos that symbolize an aspect of her emotions, often relating back to her religion.

Plot background

Season Two

Ananda began posting myspace blogs in mid-November, often consisting of her talking about disagreements with her father and about her social life. She had an air that indicated that she was somewhat rebellious and open to new ideas. However, this changed at some point and she became drastically more dedicated to her religion and her eternal song.

Her first youtube videos were to showcase her art, which often had themes relating to her religion and her emotions regarding it. At one point, she begins talking about the letter "X", a recurring theme in her art. Ananda films a unplanned phone conversation, and posts it due to her limited time and her desire to post more videos. Unbeknown to her, the woman she was talking to was Betz, who was looking for her father. She convinces Ananda to join the chosen flock myspace so she can keep an eye on her.



  • Ananda has an account at
  • In My Juggling for World Piece, it is revealed that Ananda has fallen under the control of the sinster Orange Slurpees (NOTE: HUMOR)


The word Ānanda means bliss in Pali, Sanskrit as well as other Indian languages. Also, Ānanda was one of many principal disciples and a devout attendant of the Buddha. Amongst the Buddha's many disciples Ānanda had the most retentive memory and most of the suttas in the Sutta Pitaka are attributed to his remembering of the Buddha's teachings during the First Buddhist Council. For that, he was known as the Guardian of the Dharma.

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