Day Four: I smell a Rat

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Episode 3 in the Xeniph series
Day Four: I smell a Rat

Xeniph With Teddy Bear.jpg
Xeniph Loves Her Teddy

Blogger Xeniph
Date Posted December 12th, 2006
Description Daniel, you stink. Seriously. Bree, I hope you are being careful. Don't trust Jonas too much until he has proved himself (really proved himself). Dad has been really nervous and stressed lately. I wish I knew why... Credits: music by Peter John Ross courtesy of
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Day Four: I smell a Rat is the third video in the Xeniph saga.


Xeniph: Today marks the fourth day of my imprisonment.

(Shot of her on her bed making four tally marks on a piece of paper on the wall. She sits down and sighs, putting the cap on her marker.)

Xeniph: (Nodding) It's really easy to run out of things to do in here...

(Peter John Ross' music begins to play along with fast-action shots of Xeniph taping up a poster of a hippo, counting something on the ceiling with her teddy bear, "flying" two stuffed animals by the camera, and playing with a beach ball. She then returns to her desk. The music stops.)

Xeniph: (Sighs) Ah, well. Pretty much...I sit around, and play on the Internet. (shrugs) Ho hum, so is life. (pauses) I'd just like to start off by saying: (puts face close to camera) Daniel, you rat.

("You rat" segment repeats twice with subtitles "--Emphasis--" and "Once again, just in case you didn't get it.")

Xeniph: (Outraged) How can you leave Bree like that?! (shakes head) That is so mean. I can't believe you did that. (appears to try to get under control) Bree needs you, Daniel. I don't mean to imply that she's...imcompetent. But she needs you. I can't believe that you would just go off and leave her like that, with a person you don't even know you can trust. (pauses) I mean, you were going on and on about "We don't even trust this Jonas guy," and now all of a sudden you're thanking him? For taking care of Bree?! (sits back with an incredulous look) I can't believe that. That's insane. Are you not thinking right? And then, to have the gall to post a video telling her how much you miss her?! You left. That was your choice. (turns away disgustedly)

(Shot to her on her bed. There is a pile of stuffed animals next to her on one side, and a blanket-thing on the other. she is holding her teddy bear.)

Xeniph: I'm trying to understand. (sighs) I mean, I guess if I had an opportunity to be enrolled in a Community College... and if I had a job... Then I guess I'd be pretty upset at losing all of that. (pauses) But I would hope that I'm the kind of person... and I thought you were the kind of person who would give that up for a friend if they needed it. (shrugs) At least that's the way you seemed at Camp.

(Cut to her with her legs up on the bed, still holding the bear.)

Xeniph: When I saw you at Camp, you seemed like a... an all-around good guy. It seemed like you cared about Bree. And I thought, "Bree is soo lucky... to have a guy like Daniel to be with her. A guy that will...stick with her, no matter what. A guy who will... come... to a play that he doesn't even like, to be with her."

(looks at camera for a while)

Xeniph: (Softly) I guess I was wrong.

(Back at her desk)

Xeniph: So, Dad still hasn't forgiven me for taking Aleister down. (thinks) I shouldn't have done it. I mean, even if I don't know if Aleister's important to me, he's important to my dad. And... I should have respected that. But I was too busy thinking of what other people would think. (she looks away.)

(Cut to a farther back shot. She seems to be holding her teddy bear again.)

Xeniph: Dad's seemed really stressed out lately. I don't know what's going on. But... I don't know. He... goes out, for his meetings, and then he comes home always worried. And just... just really stressed. I wish I could do something to help. I mean, I know I don't agree with what the Elders are doing, but... he's my dad. (shrugs and looks away) He's the only family I've got.

(Close shot again)

Xeniph: Anyway, Bree... don't be discouraged. Don't give up hope. We're here for you. Even if Daniel isn't.

("Always Listening" shot)


  • We first get a glimpse of Xeniph's stuffed animals and hippo picture in this vid. We see the hippo in the background of later vids, usually rolled up.
  • Xeniph seems to have no mother or siblings, indicated by her comment about her father: "He's the only family I've got."