Dressing Room Hi-Jinks

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Episode 491/3x081
Dressing Room Hi-Jinks

Why would we laugh? Oh, right...

Blogger Jennie
Date Posted June 4th, 2008
URL youtube.com
Forum 17545|3=lg15}}
Length 5:29
Description This was too much fun.
Location(s) Rented Cabin at Big Bear Lake, Westfield Topanga Plaza Mall
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 lg15 emma jenny danielbeast jonastko hymn of one sarah
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried, and Amanda Goodfried
Series Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Production Assistant(s) Jenni Powell
Director(s) Marcello Daciano and Amanda Goodfried
Camera Kevin Schlanser and Amanda Goodfried
Vidplay Tom Pettit
Story Tom Pettit, Blair Singer, Jim Campolongo, and Amanda Goodfried
Editor(s) Matt Vanselow
Music Supervisor Seth Jacobs
Music "Jazz House" by Wicked Allstars
Jennie Melanie Merkosky
Sarah Alexandra Dreyfus
Gina Crystal Young
Emma Katherine Pawlak
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Dressing Room Hi-Jinks is the four-hundred ninety-first video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the eighty-first video of season three.


Jennie: So, we're really doing it. We're having prom. I don't know how Sarah convinced Jonas and Daniel, but she did and they're actually going along with it. You know, since Emma's been back everything's been so different. It's- I mean, well, the last two weeks have been the worst of our lives, but it's really made us closer. We know that we need each other and we have each other.

Emma: (Off-camera.) Jennie! Are you coming? We're leaving.

Jennie: Yeah, I'll be right there. (Turns to the camera.) Just between you and me, I'm secretly really looking forward to it. (Laughs.) I mean, it's gonna be so fun shopping with my girls. And this- this thing with Carl... Well, it's brought Sarah and I close, and it's nice to have my friend back again. There's just a whole new feeling right now. A really good feeling. And I'm just gonna roll with it. (Laughs.) Okay, I gotta go.

(Cut to a musical montage Sarah, Emma, and Gina trying on prom dresses..)

Gina: I feel like a Christmas present!

Emma: I feel like she's hot!

(Cut to a black and white montage of the girls trying on more dresses. Sarah tries on a striped dress and Gina shakes her head. They dance in various dresses. Cut to Gina standing in a dressing room wearing a striped dress.)

Sarah: You have a disturbingly good body.

(The camera pans over Gina's body. She looks embarrassed and hides behind the dressing room curtain. Cut to the girls trying on more dresses. Cut to Emma standing in front of a dressing room.)

Emma: What do you think? No? (Looks at herself in the mirror and turns to the camera.) Hike it up? (Laughs as the camera pans to the bottom of her dress. She dances.) Alright, next!

(Emma dances backwards out of the shot. Cut to Jennie coming over in a white dress.)

Jennie: I secretly love it!

(Jennie dances and laughs. Cut to a black and white shot of Jennie and Emma.)

Jennie: Will Jonas approve? (Laughs with Emma.)

Emma: (Shakes her head.) No! But I don't care! I'm a big girl!

(The shot turns red for musical montage of helping Gina to put on a dress. Cut to Emma pretending to cup Sarah's breasts.)

Jennie: --out.

(Sarah hops toward Emma, holding up her dress. Emma giggles and moves out of the way as Jennie helps Sarah with the back of her dress.)

Jennie: It's really cute.

Gina: It would be cute.

Emma: (Looks at Sarah's breasts.) I could eat, like, my breakfast off those things.

(Cut to Sarah in the dressing room showing off a black and white zigzag print dress.)

Sarah: I think I look a little bit hot.

(Sarah kisses the camera and sticks her tongue out at it. Cut to Jennie trying on another dress.)

Jennie: What... is it? (The camera pans down to show her dress.)

Gina: That's horrible!

Jennie: Well, okay, let's see yours then. (Takes the camera and pans over Gina's dress.) Well, actually, you look really cute. (Laughs.)

Gina: Thanks.

(Cut to a black and white shot of Gina and Jennie trying on sunglasses. Cut to Emma trying on flowery barrettes. Cut to Sarah trying on sunglasses. A camera shutter sound is heard as several pictures of the girls in the mall are seen trying on sunglasses. Cut to a black and white shot of Emma in the dressing room with another dress on.)

Emma: (Laughs and points to her bra.) It doesn't really look good with this.

(Cut to Gina in another dress as the camera pans over her. Cut to a black and white shot of Jennie dancing in a dress for Sarah.)

Emma: Shake it, girl! (Zooms in on Sarah.) Nice, work it! (Zooms out.) Sarah, oh oh! (Pans to Gina dancing.) Oh, look at Gina coming out of her shell! Hello! Look it, she gets that dress and it's a whole new personality!

Sarah: I do love the fact that--

(Cut to the girls standing around. Jennie lifts up the back of her dress, showing off her shorts. She laughs.)

Emma: There you have it.

(Cut to Jennie covering her face, laughing.)

Jennie: Seriously.

(A camera shutter sound is heard. Cut to a picture of Emma, Jennie, and Gina. The shutter sound is heard again. Cut to Sarah outside of a dressing room.)

Sarah: Gina's being a little shy. She won't come out and show us her new outfit.

(Cut to the Sarah trying to peer in the dressing room.)

Sarah: Gina, open the door. Open the door.

Gina: If I come out, you seriously cannot laugh at me.

Jennie: We're not gonna laugh! We're not gonna laugh!

Sarah: (Saracastically.) Yeah, we promise! Why would we laugh?

(Cut to Gina at the dressing room door wearing a dress and jacket. The girls laugh.)

Sarah: I think my mom has that in blue.

Gina: (Laughing.) You promised!

Jennie: It's- it's shocking! I wasn't expecting...

Emma: Oh...

Jennie: Oh, my god.

(Cut to Jennie holding up men's underwear that read "For My Darling" in a heart with wings and an anchor.)

Jennie: Jonas... for my darling! Aww. (Laughs.)

(Cut to a black and white shot of Gina pretending to walk the catwalk in another dress. She laughs.)

Gina: I know. (Laughs.) You love it.

(Gina turns for the camera and walks back. She falls into a dressing room. Cut to Sarah pretending to walk on the catwalk in another dress. Gina laughs from the dressing room. Cut to Emma in front of a white couch modeling. A camera shutter sound is heard as several images of the girls trying on more dresses are shown. Cut to the girls carrying several shopping bags heading to the escalator.)

Gina: Do you guys think I picked the right one?

Jennie: Yes.

Emma: Yes I do... it's just took six hours.

(Everyone laughs.)

Emma: Um, Sarah, did you talk to Carl today?

Sarah: Yeah! Yeah, um, he's doing a lot better.

Emma: Okay. (Nods.)

Sarah: So... yeah.

Gina: He's doing really well considering everything that's happened.

Sarah: Yeah, I'm-I'm really glad you think that cause, um, I invited him to prom.

(Gina and Jennie step off the elevator and look concernedly at the camera.)

Gina: What? Sarah, why would you do that?

Sarah: Why are you freaking out about this?

Gina: Um, because we talked about that.

Sarah: We didn't talk about anything!

Emma: Sarah!

(Jennie gets on another escalator.)

Gina: Yes we did!

Emma: Shh, guys!

Jennie: Nobody's supposed to know where we are! That's the whole point!

Sarah: Why don't you say it a little louder?

Jennie: Have you lost your mind?

Sarah: No!

Emma: You guys, it's not even the time for that, okay?

Emma: I was there. I saw--

Gina: But he--

Emma: Please. (Turns to Sarah.) Sarah, if you want to take him to prom, I completely support you, okay?

Sarah: Thank you.

Emma: You're welcome. And they will, too. Trust me.

Sarah: Emma, thank you.

(Emma smiles as they reach the bottom of the escalator. Emma giggles as she trips trying to get off. Sarah turns the camera on herself.)

Sarah: Plus, I think I look kinda hot in a ruffled shirt... if you know what I'm saying. (Rolls her eyes.)

(Cut to Jennie as they walk outside.)

Jennie: So we were trying on shoes and we got a little freaked out by all the men in suits. We should go, anyways; we've spent way too much time in public.

Emma: And Sarah, you promised that your gonna help Gina and I walk in some heels.

Sarah: Yeah...

Emma: Yeah.

Sarah: That could take a while.

Gina: A long time.

(They laugh. Cut to Jennie holding her dress up.)

Jennie: I want to know what you guys think. Too much? Sarah says it's too pink and too prude but... (Laughs.) Well, that probably means it's perfect, right? (Throws the dress on the couch.)

Okay, so now that we have dresses one obstacle remains: dates. And the questions is who's gonna ask who? Now if we're gonna have prom tomorrow night, we need dates really soon and there's only two guys for the three girls left. Yeah. Things are gonna get ugly.


  • Jennie states at the end of the video that the prom is tomorrow (Thursday June 5). Since it was widely assumed among fans that the prom would occur on a Friday, it was later clarified that the prom would occur on Thursday, but the videos about it would then be posted on Friday June 6.
  • This video was filmed in the Westfield Topanga Plaza Mall.