Euw Going To The Ballet

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Episode 0007
Euw Going To The Ballet

Yes, the ballet brought forth this bun fiasco.

Blogger LOSTchild17
Date Posted July 6th, 2007
Description ok so i kinda sorta messed around with my mom and now shes making me go to the ballet
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YouTube Tags lostchild17 lizzy bored vlog lonelygirl15 jonastko
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Euw Going To The Ballet is the seventh video in the LOSTchild17 video series.


Lizzy: Hey everybody, it's Lizzy. Ummm... I know what you're thinking, what inspired the whole, I don't know, what do you wanna call it, bun fiasco? Well, the ballet. Well, I don't know if it inspired it or brought it forth.... I don't know. What happened was that my mom was talking to me and she said that my soul needed to sing, and I told her, "You know what, ma? My soul doesn't sing. My soul gets jiggy with it." Which is why she decided to give me a one hour lecture on how this is something that faith brought upon me, and how I am one of the chosen few. She wouldn't even tell me one for what, but she said it nonetheless! And then she said, "Okay, this is a very serious question. You need to tell me what you think your song is." I, of course, stupid me, with my stupid big mouth, said "Baby Got Back". Yes, I said it. Which is when she got on the phone and bought season tickets to the ballet. Well, I don't know if they're season tickets, but there's a million tickets, and a million different ballets. But nonetheless, there's tickets. I'm sorry, but I'm not one to wanna watch fifty-pound girls twirl around in tutus. The thought of it makes me sick. Either way, wish me luck. I hope I make it out alive tonight. Thank you, and goodbye.