Finally Im Home Alone

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Episode 0008
Finally Im Home Alone

Finally Im Home Alone.jpg
Home alone, at last.

Blogger LOSTchild17
Date Posted July 26th, 2007
Description hey guyz, i finally got a chance to make this video, parents came back!!!! dad had forgotten his briefcase at home sorry it was cut short
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YouTube Tags lizzy elizabeth lostchild17 lost child video blog home alone lonelygirl15 lg15 bree danielbeast db bugger lol
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Finally Im Home Alone is the eighth video in the LOSTchild17 video series.


Lizzy: Hey guys. I'm finally here, making another video. And the only reason I couldn't make a video was because lately, my parents have been walking around the house saying, "Nobody can be trusted," and telling me how there's a "traitor within us." All this weird stuff. And they were really paranoid, so they never left me home alone. Until this morning. They both got calls, and they rushed out of the house, you know. All nervous and weird and whatever. They're gone. Yay. Now I'm home alone. Anyway, what's new with me? I got a new tutor. Yep, and I'm happy about it. Actually she's really nice. And she's much cooler than my last one. And I definately don't feel followed, and I don't feel her creeping around the house. Ugh. And I actually think I'm learning something. Which is weird. Anyways, um, yeah. I got a new tutor. And what have I been doing? Studying, studying, studying, studying, studying. That's it. It's really sad since it's been a while since I made a video and nothing's changed. Oh, the ballet. I don't want to be mean, but okay, it wasn't as boring as I thought it would be. But it wasn't exciting either. I'd rather have been to something like Wicked or Cats or something like that. I guess not. The ballet is much more inspiring or something. Anyways. Um, they didn't knock. Ohmygod it's open. I'll make another video soon, bye. (Blows a kiss.)