For a boy

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Episode 55/3x019
For a boy

Oh Crap! I told them about my secret child!

Blogger Marla
Date Posted February 24th, 2008
Length 4:07
Description I don't really have a point, and I got tired of waiting on YouTube, so I went to bed.
YouTube Tags marla singer marlasinger uniqueblaze gregory atkins maddisonatkins Guitar Hero Final Fantasy Katamari Damacy
Marla Maya Kramer
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For a boy is the fifty-fifth video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the nineteenth video of chapter three.


Marla: Uh Mr. Atkins, I'm sorry I don't really have a clear thought in my head so I'm just gonna talk. Like UniqueBlaze, that's his screen name, um... like him, I don't really have children. And by not really I mean (laughs) really don't. I sort of have a child (mutters, still laughing) shit. So, I can't really relate to what you're going through. But, I can a little bit, and not to be a downer, but I think I can relate because my dad died. He passed about three years ago. I can imagine that Maddison might have felt some sort of loss when you didn't support her move to Nacogdoches. I don't really know anything about the situation, or what went down so, I'm not judging anybody for it. I think you have a pretty good handle on that yourself.

After dad died I started traveling. He left me some money specifically for that, and even though its almost all gone now I think I used it appropriately. I traveled. I saw England, and France, and Germany, and Holland, and I took a fifty six hour Greyhound trip from Montreal to Calgary. I think I averaged zero showers on that trip. There are no showers on a Greyhound. I didn't meet anybody that wanted to kiss me. She smells like a monkey. I traveled and uh... before I met Maddison I sort of... I mean I sort of let a boy influence my traveling decisions. I had plans for Japan, and Costa Rica, and Switzerland, and I ended up in Nashville. I don't really know when or why I let this guy influence me, but I just did.

After April, I was devastated. We all were. However, and I hate to really admit this, but my life didn't really change. I mean... I mean not really. I still traveled, and I went to Seattle, For the boy. On my first trip to Nac, I stayed about a week, and I was I was brave, and I was strong. I jumped straight into things, and I found Clara at her job, and I went to Maddison's apartment. I opened up the war nook, and then I read her... and then I went back to Seattle. But when I moved here, it was different. I was different, and I don't think it's as important to answer why as it is to know that it just was.

How did I cope with that why? Some may say that I didn't cope at all. But I think that I coped in the way that I always cope. I played games. I played Tetris, and Mario Kart, and Zelda, and Kingdom Hearts, and Kingdom Hearts II, Guitar Hero, and Guitar Hero II, and Guitar Hero III, and Guitar Hero 80's, Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy XII, and now I have a mild addiction to We Love Katamari. Um... Don't start playing that game. (Each word separate and measured with emphasis) Perhaps I haven't dealt with things as efficiently as I could have. I don't know, where was I going with all of this stuff? Guess I didn't really have a point.


  • In chat, Marla has mentioned these games before, and also played Halo with Adam Lamar