Greetings from the Order.

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Immant Video 1
Greetings from the Order.

Introducing the mysterious Dr. Immant.

Blogger Dr. Immant
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Greetings from the Order. is the first video in the Immant video series.


(The video starts with static, and cuts in to Immant, who is wearing sunglasses)

Dr. Immant: My name is Dr. Immant. I've been asked by the Order to establish contact with you. We've been monitoring your situation for quite some time. Please don't be alarmed but your world is not as it seems. You have a greater purpose. I will be in touch with you shortly.

(The video cuts to static, then a logo.)


  • Immant's YouTube account was started at the same time as lonelygirl15's YouTube user account.
  • Gemma later confirms the existence of the Order in Learning Egyptian.