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Immant Video 2
See you at the ceremony...

Woah, easy on the eyeliner, there!

Blogger Dr. Immant
Date Posted October 12th, 2006
Description It is the true way.
YouTube Tags LG15 lonelygirl15 daniel danielbeast order denderah ceremony immant night ghost caretaker
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See you at the ceremony... is the second video in the Immant video series.


(The video starts with static, and cuts in to Immant, who is wearing sunglasses)

Dr. Immant: Hello again. The Order is pleased with your progress. I wish I could say the same about your father. There are many who feel he's a bit too conservative. But you? Your commitment to the true way redeems him. A tremendous honor has been bestowed upon you, and you have shouldered these responsibilities in the true way of the faith. You know, if you think about it, in a few short hours, everything will change. Life has these...turning points. Moments where, if you recognize them, and sieze the opportunities they present, they'll send your life on an entirely different path than what it was on. (Immant removes his sunglasses, and we see he is wearing Egyptian-style eye makeup) This ceremony is one of those moments. I've been asked to attend and observe the ceremony. If all goes well, I'll see you there...but you won't see me.

(Immant pulls a black hood over his head, and the video cuts to static, then a logo.)


  • This video was broadcast just prior to The Ceremony.
  • Dr. Immant wears a hood and attire which is later seen worn by Order members involved in the Ceremony, as well as at least one bald-headed man.