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LonesomeOctober Video 10
Guess Who's Back

Yeah, who totally just made out with Sarah? High five!!

Blogger LonesomeOctober
Date Posted June 9th, 2007
Description Purple Monkey explains why he has returned to the show.
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 lg15 bree daniel sarah purple monkey feces
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Guess Who's Back is the tenth fan-fic video by LonesomeOctober. Purple Monkey explains his hiatus from (and return to) lonelygirl15, and offers some suggestions as to how his character should develop.


(Purple Monkey is, once again, standing behind his "Lonelygirl Inc." podium.)

P. Monkey: Hi, everybody, this is Purple Monkey. I'm coming to you today after an absence of nearly a hundred episodes to discuss my long hiatus from the show. And I want to assure you that despite any rumors you may have heard, my absence did not involve rehab, or jail time, or conflict with the other actors on the show. However, there were some... differences behind the scene that contributed to the situation that led to my leaving.

As those of you who've been following my videos from the beginning may remember, I've always been involved with the ARG element of When the decision was made to adopt OpAphid as the official "arg" of Lonelygirl, (sighs) well... I wasn't sure that was the right direction to go. I had some harsh words with The Creators. Things were said that couldn't be unsaid, on both sides. Feces was flung that couldn't be unflung... really, just on one side. And we all agreed that in the interest of maintaining our friendships and in making the show as strong as possible, I should take some time off for a while.

Initially, there had been some attempts to maintain the integrity of the story without me actually being on the show. Many of you will recall the atrocity of Episode 112 when Daniel attempted to play the part of Purple Monkey. (sighs, shakes head) It just wasn't a direction any of us wanted to go. And, so, the decision was made to simply cut the character of Purple Monkey from the show entirely.

But, as many of you know, in recent weeks, Jan Libby was brought on board by the Lonelygirl Creators. For those of you not part of the ARG community, the simplest way to put it is that Jan Libby "s**ts sunlight," and besides being a wunderkind of "arg" creation, she's also a very savvy lady. As a result, she and... and through her, The Creators, approached me about returning to the series. And, I will... admit that I was hesitant at first. Uh, I'm really happy with the way the plot's gone recently. I wasn't at all sure that the show even needed, uh, the character of Purple Monkey to further advance the plot, uh, despite what Jan was suggesting.

Long story short, The Creators finally sat me down in a room and said, "Listen, what would it take to get Purple Monkey back on the show?" And I said, "Frankly... let me play with Sarah's boobies." They said, "Done and done!" We shot Episode 202 the next day, Sarah and I made out a little bit, I got to play with her boobies... and here I am.

So, now that I'm back, what would I like to see for the character? Listen... more making out with Sarah, way more making out with Taylor. I'd also like to see Purple Monkey mix it up a little bit. I know that puppets get typecast as, (puts hands to face, rocks back and forth) "Oh, look at me, I talk in a funny voice, and I'm gonna cheer you up," but there's a lot more range to puppet acting than that. Any of you guys see the movie "The Last Boy Scout?" You know what I'm talking 'bout! Anyway, keep your eyes on this puppet right here; I won't let you down. P. Monkey out.


  • The Last Boy Scout is a 1991 movie, starring Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans. In it, the character of Joseph Hallenbeck (played by Bruce Willis) speaks through a cat-puppet named Furry Tom, who ultimately saves Willis's character's life by allowing him to smuggle a gun into a tense mafia standoff.
  • Purple Monkey states that he has returned from a hiatus of "nearly a hundred episodes." However, this estimate is a little misleading. While P. Monkey "appeared" in Training Hard (Episode 152), he didn't do much, and Purple Monkey made it abundantly clear that Daniel was "playing his part" in Purple Monkey Returns. Before this, P. Monkey appeared (and interacted with Bree) in Warwalking (Episode 90). If this is the last episode in which Purple Monkey claims to have participated, then his hiatus lasted well over 100 episodes.
  • It is uncertain from which side the feces was flung in P. Monkey's disagreement with The Creators. However, it has been rumored that Mesh Flinders has never turned down a good crap fight.