I Hate Colds

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Episode 1 in the Xeniph series
I Hate Colds

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Poor me. I have a cold.

Blogger Xeniph
Date Posted December 8th, 2006
URL revver.com
Description Pretty much I whine about colds, flu, and early mornings. Oh, yeah, and I give Bree some advice. YES, I know I look around a lot, I'm not used to the cam yet.
YouTube Tags Xeniph Bree Jonas isolated bank


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I Hate Colds is the first video in the Xeniph saga.


Xeniph: So I had to get up really early today. (Makes pained face, then snorts) So I went to record this, and I forgot to turn the camera on. That's how tired I am, okay?

(Makes a face and opens eyes widely)

Xeniph: Anyway... (Thinks for a moment) We were practicing early for a thing in my theatre class. (Looks confused) It's crazy. I just barely started this theatre class, and I have to get up early. It's insane. I may quit, I don't know. (Pauses. When she starts speaking again, she sounds distinctly stuffed up) You may notice that my voice is really low today. (Pained face) I'm getting a cold. I'm really susceptible to colds, and I hate colds. (Pause) The only thing I hate worse than a cold is the flu. (Shakes head) Not very good during cold and flu season, huh?

(Sighs, then cuts to her looking thoughtful)

Xeniph: I didn't take my vitamins. That's probably why I'm sick. (She pauses, apparently forgetting what she was going to say) I have a red multi-vitamin, and then I have, um, some vitamin C and zinc, and then I have my special pills. My dad said when I was really little, I was really really sick, and so they formulated these pills that I have to take otherwise I'm gonna get really really sick. So I have... (Counts) ...four pills to take every day. (Thinks) Sorry, this is probably boring you to death. (Sighs, and continues in a lethargic voice)

I watched newest two videos on lonelygirl15. (Sighs again) I dunno, Bree, you're in a hard spot. Jonas...I'm pretty sure it's not a good idea to go live with him. Number one, you don't know anything about him, just like Gemma says. Number two...his house is in the middle of nowhere. Like, he himself said that it was isolated. That's not a good idea. I mean, even if Jonas himself isn't in the Order, if the Order caught up to you you'd be in pretty bad shape. I mean, 'cause at least in the city there's, you know, decent people around, who you can like go find, and who can help you. But, with Jonas's house you're out there in the middle of nowhere. It's kind of like the no one can hear you scream. I'm pretty, I'm almost 100% sure that going to your house is not a good idea. At dinner last night, Dad got a phone call, and from what he said, pretty much just...it sounded like they're still watching your house. I mean, I know it's been three weeks, but...I mean, the Watchers are still after you. So... (Shrugs)

I'd say the safest thing to do is get money from Jonas. Um, he can set up a temporary bank account and you can withdraw the money, you can...you can withdraw it and then deposit it in Daniel's bank account or you can just withdraw it as cash, but that way he never needs to know where you are, he never needs to know anything except, you know, the bank ac--the temporary account number he puts it in, you know, and then you have money, you don't have to live on the streets. 'Cause that's not a good idea. I saw those garbage cans. Bree that's unsanitary. That's gross. (Thinks)

I'm sorry. I can't think. (Sighs) I'm just so tired... I tell you what, I'm going to go sleep, and then hopefully when I get up we can talk. Okay? Okay. (Rolls eyes, disgustedly)

What am I talking about, I'm talking to a machine. (Shakes head) I'm so pathetic...


  • This is the first time Xeniph's dad is mentioned in connection with the Order on video.
  • Zinc is supposed to bolster the immune system.
  • Xeniph's "special pills" seem to be akin to Bree's injections in that she does not know what they are for, but the Order formulated them.
  • In this video, Xeniph seems to be with Gemma and against Jonas. In later videos she seems to have tentatively rethought her position.
  • Xeniph's eyes roam noticeably throughout the video.
  • As seen in the mirror behind Xeniph, she is recording on a laptop with a Logitech Orbit camera. She has a bulletin board above her desk.
  • There seems to be something stuck on the mirror in the upper lefthand corner. In later videos, it is missing.