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The Party Gnome

In this video launched on March 27th 2007, The Network Series began. Two boys are shown within the video with a Gnome. It is suggested that this shows the identity of Riverstyxshow possibly, Damieneyes and also, Vlad Havok. This video seems to be a random, home video created by the three men. Because of this, it is suspected that these three may be close friends.


Nickelodeon’s popular television series Invader Zim is the main theme of this video. It appears to be an animated music video (amv) of the character, Gaz. It is suggested that this video may be in code, and is telling a deeper message. This video was launched on April 23rd 2007.


This video released on May 5th 2007, seems to be encoded. Through the use of songs and also, images and numbers, a message is provided. It seems to be that of a cell phone number.


This video, released on May 8th 2007, is the first in which uses the B1^CKMATHSK code. In this video; it is apparent that The Iris Network is claiming to side with OpAphid. After a closer inspection, it is clear that there is a hidden code in which The Iris Network’s true purpose is revealed.


This video released also on May 8th 2007, appears to be that of the same video titled Marjory. Again, the usage of music is important and also a cell phone number is again, released. It is claimed that this is Damieneyes cell phone number.

We Know

On May 24th 2007, Sexhexy is first introduced to the series. In this video, she claims that Taylor is a plant through hex and other methods of code. There has been suspicion to the creditability of this video.


On June 24th 2007, Damieneyes reveals the location of the first drop. He states that he had been traveling on foot while also revealing pictures of his location. Many clues are provided as to where to meet him that may or may not be apparent. The video states to meet him at the Hesperia Golf Course in Southern California on a specific date. On this day at the golf course; he gave an unknown user the decryption key to the B1^CKMATHSK code. This code has been leaked since the drop and can be found on the forums and on the lgpedia.

I Found Em

Sexhexy becomes identified with the specialty of ‘tracker’ when this video is released upon June 8th 2007. She verifies the location in which TAAG were hiding in the mountains.


Released upon June 11th 2007, by OmzigTheLemur, this video states the purpose of The Iris Network. This video is extremely random and does not provide any codes.

Are you an Icon?

This is the first video released by Agent Genocide. The video contains no information, and only provides an image of a rather ‘dark’ set of eyes.

Danger’s Lurking in the Woods

Agent Genocide releases this video on June 18th 2007. This video suggests the power of the Order of Denderah and is set as a warning by the Osiris Agency.

Youtube Icon

On June 19th 2007, OmzigTheLemur releases this video in which his ‘identity’ is revealed. Only one image is shown, that of a lemur for an entire minute.

Join The Resistance

On June 21st 2007, Genocide releases this video stating others to join sides with The Osiris Agency, The Iris Network, and also TAAG. Reference to Isaac Gilman and The Wyman Foundation are also apparent. There are also suspicions that the original intention of this video was to state a switching of sides by Agent Genocide.

My Eternal Hymn

On July 4th 2007, Genocide releases a video in which a poem is revealed. She claims this poem to be that of her eternal song. She also provides pictures of her location while away on retreat at a Hymn of One commune in Northern California. The location seems extremely familiar sharing the same mountainous area and rock formations that are shown in TAAG videos.

Join The Osiris

This video is provided by Riverstyxshow on July 6th 2007. This video promotes the Osiris Agency in a welcoming format. It suggests that The Agency is recruiting new members.

Operation Juggernaut Phase 1

Jdolorous runs this operation. It is a claimed attack upon Victor from the Acrowleyorder series. Released on July 7th 2007, Erica Pike claims that it is merely propaganda, but the videos claim to speak the truth.

Operation Juggernaut Phase 2

Launched on July 13th 2007, it is stated that this operation was done prematurely on behalf of Jdolorous. This video is extremely violent in nature. Several attacks are shown, one primarily upon a prominent member of The Order of Denderah, and another of the shot down chopper that was supposedly ‘watching’ TAAG, and waiting to pick up Bree.

The Code and The Comment

This video launched on July 17th 2007 promotes the teachings of The Book of the Law provided by Aleister Crowley. The Code and The Comment within the book are shown. It is unclear to what the message The Osiris Agency is trying to portray. Some suspect that this is a criticism, although it has been verified that The Osiris Agency respects both Aleister Crowley and The Book of the Law.

Iris:An Outcry

This video released on July 25th 2007 is actually not part of The Iris Network, nor The Osiris Agency. This video is not part of the 'lonelygirl15/Kate Modern' experience. This video is actually a real cry for help for another woman in whom Jennifer has come into contact with. It is currently unknown as to who this other woman is, and why she needs 'our' help.


Released August 8th 2007, This video seems to portray a message that is unclear. Has Agent Genocide infiltrated The Order? Is Genocide working with OpAphid? Are the party goes suspect? Is Bree still alive? This video creates many questions. The organizations have yet to provide the answers.

A Proposal

From Agent Genocide's account, A Proposal is released August 14th 2007. It appears that Agent Genocide has been captured by The Order due to her recent encounter with OpAphid. Cipher is used in this video, and it appears that The Order wants something in return for the Iris Network Agent. This code has yet to be solved.

A 'Clockwork' Jesus

OmzigTheLemur released this video August 20th 2007. This appears to be a 'spoof' of Stanly Kubrick's film, A Clockwork Orange. Clips of Alex's dream series play with background music of Rudimentary Peni's, Army of Jesus. This video is a satire of not only religion, but also The Order. OmzigTheLemur also includes a warning to those who've kidnapped Agent Genocide.

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