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On July 22nd, Clara received two strange messages on her cell phone. The first was a text message from 15over15 (no number) that reads merely: Keep the camera on. The second, however, was a voicemail left by Joel Frady. The number registered as Cynthia Frady's phone, though when Clara double checked with her, Cynthia claimed to have no knowledge of it.

Contents of the message:
held my girl
saw a door
police listening
white room
the angel put something in me for you
must confess
in his eyes
de jesus
come my bethany

Obviously, Frady was no longer behind bars. The disjointed message meant nothing to Clara, but after some rigorous analyzing in IRC we all came to an agreement on what the seemingly incoherent ramblings meant.

must confess; in his eyes; de Jesus
This portion made it clear that Frady wanted to go somewhere with religious significance. The name de Jesus refers to Fray Antonio Margil de Jesus, a missionary currently being considered for sainthood, who allegedly performed a miracle in the area of Nacogdoches known as Lanana Creek. In short, during a drought, de Jesus was said to have struck the ground twice and, as if by magic, twin springs opened up and solved the draught problem.

There is also a statue of de Jesus in downtown Nacogdoches, and the church that owns the statue is a few miles away. No one could agree 100% on one location, but we narrowed it down to those three and had Clara check them out. She started at the statue and then went to the spot on the Lanana Creek Trail where de Jesus performed his alleged miracle. This was where she discovered Joel Frady's body, dead of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Important addresses

Address of the church:
2508 Appleby Sand Rd
Nacogdoches, TX 75965

Address of the statue of Fray Antonio Margil de Jesus:
504 North St.,
Nacogdoches, TX 75961

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