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| NextB = Sleepover
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| PreviousC  = The Ends Justify The Means
}}[[Jonas]] laments about being single, and we learn that [[Daniel]]'s "special dinner" perhaps did not go as well as he'd hoped.
}} [[Jonas]] laments about being single, and we learn that [[Daniel]]'s "special dinner" perhaps did not go as well as he'd hoped.

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Episode 116/1x116
Kicked Out

Kicked Out Jonas.JPG
Looks like Daniel needs a little "bro time"

Blogger Jonas
Date Posted January 16th, 2007
URL old.LG15.com
Forum [5251 forum discussion]
Length 2:17
Description Daniel made dinner for Bree last night and I was kicked out of the house. Uh, just watch and see for yourself.
Location(s) Jonas's house
YouTube Tags LG15 lonelygirl15 jonas jonastko daniel danielbeast love dinner small chicken thing pine nuts celluloid rocky balbo
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, and Greg Goodfried
Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Director(s) Mesh Flinders and Miles Beckett
Camera Kevin Schlanser
Vidplay Mesh Flinders
Story Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, Greg Goodfried, and Glenn Rubenstein
Editor(s) Kevin Schlanser
Jonas Jackson Davis
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
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Directly after "The Ends Justify The Means"

Kicked Out is the one-hundred sixteenth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. Jonas laments about being single, and we learn that Daniel's "special dinner" perhaps did not go as well as he'd hoped.


(We see a closeup of Jonas's face. He is sitting in his car.)

Jonas: Hey, everyone. So I guess by now...you all know that Bree and Daniel are in love. Ooh, it's awesome, it's great. I guess I should be happy for them... but I'm not. I'm just playin', I mean, I-- It just sucks to get kicked out of your own house, y'know, and... can I tell you that it's cold out here? It's cold, wet, and lonely. (little laugh and smirk) Bree and Daniel are probably gonna see this, huh? Uh, well, I hope dinner's going well. Anywho, old, uh, Big D-bone, Big D-love, he made, like, this huge, romantic dinner, but I think he went a little overboard, because, uh, I'm pretty sure I saw him stuffing a tiny chicken-thing, and I think I saw pine nuts. Yeah, and I didn't even know pine nuts were edible, but apparently they are. Look, I know what you're all thinking. You're thinking... I'm into her. (little laugh) It just, um... it just sucks to, y'know, see two people so... happy? because I'm... I'm alone, and I've never really had a girlfriend. I mean, I've... I've hooked up before... and all that, but... You know what? I don't know, y-- I guess it's just my problem. So, I'm gonna go drown my sorrows in a little celluloid, and I will holla at y'all later. (looks toward house) I wonder what's going on in there. (looks back at camera) Doesn't matter. I got a movie to see. Later.

(Cut to the exterior of Jonas's house. We see Daniel in one of the windows, washing dishes. Jonas speaks off screen.)

Jonas: All right, what's up, everybody? I'm back from the movie, and Rocky was awesome. It rocked. Get it? Heh heh, Rocky, rocked, ro-- heh heh, it's funny. Anyway... (the camera has zoomed in to show Daniel looking sullen) Doesn't look like things went exactly as planned, 'cause... Daniel's in there doing dishes, and Bree's up in her room, with the light off. Hmm. I kinda feel bad for him, though. I think she might have slammed him. Yeah, I'm gonna go talk to him, it looks like he needs a little "bro time."

(Cut to inside the kitchen. Jonas is still filming.)

Jonas: Oh, man! You're not gonna tell me what happened?

Daniel: (loudly loading the dishwasher) No way, man. Not on camera. Especially not on camera.

Jonas: Okay, so, well, does that mean it went good, or it went bad?

Daniel: What do you think, Einstein?

Jonas: (doing a bad German accent) Oh, I detect a little tone in ze voice! (he laughs. Daniel laughs a little and smiles) Uh, all right, I get it, fine, you don't want to talk about it. I understand. No prob. But you know what? Let's go kill a little of that pain with a little foosball action, what do ya say, man?

Daniel: Dude, that sounds good, let's do it.

Jonas: All right, bring it up top.

Daniel: (high-fiving Jonas above the camera, doing a high-pitched voice) High five!

Jonas: I'm gonna kick your ass, though. (Daniel smiles and starts to leave)


  • The word "ass" is first used in this video, yet another swear word brought into the Breeniverse.
  • "Celluloid" refers to a class of chemical compounds, which are famously used in the making of the photographic film used in movie theaters (although the actual use of celluloid has been phased out in recent years, due to its highly flammable nature). When Jonas says that he is going to "drown his sorrows" in celluloid, he simply means that he is going to see a movie.
  • Jonas shows Bree's room with "her lights off" as upstairs. But in The Anti-Cribs Jonas states that Bree's room is downstairs.
  • When Jonas tells Daniel to "bring it up top" (to high five him) Daniel responds by saying "high five" in a Borat-esque voice, yet another movie reference in the Breeniverse.
  • Jonas saw the movie Rocky Balboa, but for some reason, misspelled the tag as "balbo." It's possible that YouTube cut off the tag, as it was the last one in a long list.