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This page is an attempt to track the relationships, crushes, and feelings of sexual tension between the characters of the lonelygirl15 series. For information on a specific relationship, click the navigation below.



Alex and Daniel

See Daniel and Alex

Alex and David

This is why you shouldn't mess with Alex.

David was a guest at Alex's fashionista party. He got very upset that Alex was seeing a 19 year-old Daniel. Alex ended up throwing a drink in his face. There was speculation that David was Alex's ex-husband.


Ben and Jennie

See Jennie and Ben

Ben and Sarah

See Sarah and Ben


Bree and Daniel

Bree and Daniel in their "Grillz" music video.
Bree and Daniel may "break up" but always have the sweetest "make ups".

At the beginning of the loneygirl15 storyline, Bree claimed Daniel was her only friend. In spite of comments made to many of her videos suggesting otherwise, she denied that she and Daniel were anything more than friends, Eventually, Bree asked Daniel if he had feelings for her, to which he replied that he did. Daniel later asked Bree to go to a party with him. She asked her parents, but they said no. Bree decided that she would sneak out and go to the party anyway; it is at this party that Daniel gave Bree her first kiss.

Daniel later got angry at Bree, because he believed she was putting her religion ahead of their relationship. As Bree became more involved in preparations for the Ceremony, Daniel became worried about Bree and began to follow her. Bree was upset and asked Daniel to leave her alone. However, as Daniel went further and further to protect her, Bree became worried about Daniel. She and Daniel ended up reconciling over their mutual mistrust of the Order and the Ceremony that Bree was going to complete. Bree ended up deciding not to do the Ceremony.

Soon, though, Bree's parents were kidnapped by the Order because she wouldn't do the Ceremony. Bree and Daniel decided to go on the run together. They ended up spending time together in a series of motels. At first, they were very sweet towards each other. Daniel even made Bree breakfast in bed to cheer her up. However, as the severity of their situation was realized, things got awkward and tense between the two of them. Bree tried to lighten the mood and prepared a Thanksgiving feast for Daniel. Things went from bad to worse, though, when Bree tried to convince Daniel that they should go stay with Jonas. Bree did end up going with Jonas, but Daniel did not feel that Jonas was trustworthy, and headed home. However, he admitted that he still "l'cared" about Bree and was worried about her. He eventually joined Bree at Jonas's in time for Christmas.

Bree ended up leaving Jonas's house to meet up with her dad, who later died. Daniel attempted to cheer Bree up, but without much luck. Bree spent a lot of time alone, but eventually ended up reaching out to Daniel. According to him, they "hooked up". Daniel then prepared a special dinner for Bree. Bree got extremely upset and accused Daniel of lying. Daniel took this very hard, and drowned his sorrows in alcohol. After Daniel didn't come home after a night of partying, Bree apologized for the way she had treated him and let him know that she was worried. After she realized that Daniel was kidnapped by OpAphid, Bree agreed to do the Ceremony in exchange for Daniel's safe return.

After a Watcher comes to Jonas's house, the group left and headed to Jonas's cabin in the mountains. Daniel realized that Bree and Jonas had been spending time together and became very envious. Jonas and Daniel stopped talking to each other for a short while, which greatly frustrated Bree. After Bree tied Jonas up, believing him to be part of the Order, Daniel couldn't hide his excitement over the fact that Bree and Jonas were fighting. After Jonas and Bree made up Daniel drunkenly expressed his jealousy over Jonas and Bree's budding relationship. He later became upset when Sarah suggested that Bree and Jonas must make out all the time. He insisted that all three of them are "just friends."

Daniel's jealousy of the relationship between Bree and Jonas became even more apparent when he accused Jonas of taking advantage of Bree as she recovered from the brainwashing she received at the hands of the Hymn of One. Although Daniel claimed he was not jealous, his tone of voice indicated that he probably was.

After Bree's death, Daniel was noticeably distraught. He could even be cheered by the touching voice message he received from Bree before she died, in which she told him that he was more than a friend to her, he was her "most favorite best in the world brother" and that she will love him forever and ever. Daniel later said that he was "so in love with Bree", but that their relationship had gone from Bree being the love of his life to being best friends. He claimed that Bree got him in "more ways than he even got himself."

Bree and Jonas

Bree and Jonas goofing off
Jonas comforts Bree
Bree and Jonas kissing

The relationship between Bree and Jonas began when Jonas posted video responses to Bree's blogs. Bree thanked Jonas for reminding her of what's important in life. Jonas then offered Bree and Daniel a place to stay. Bree took him up on his offer, but became upset and secluded when Daniel didn't join her. Jonas attempted to cheer her up by buying her cookies and teaching her how to skateboard.

Soon, Daniel arrived and Bree left, causing Jonas to worry that she had taken advantage of him. He eventually realized that Bree has gone off to meet up with her dad, and he and Daniel tracked her down. After Bree's dad was shot, Jonas didn't really know what to say to Bree. He and Daniel bonded, however, and Jonas asked Daniel how the kiss with Bree was. Later, as Daniel prepared a special date for Bree, Jonas expressed his jealousy.

Daniel later went missing and Bree and Jonas hit the road an attempt to locate him. They ended up spending the night in a motel together. The motel had one bed, and Jonas built "The Great Wall of Jonas" to reassure a non-present Daniel that nothing would happen between him and Bree. He ended up becoming so uncomfortable, though, that he spent the night in the bathtub.

After Daniel had safely returned home, a Watcher came to Jonas's house. In an attempt to protect Bree, Jonas confronted the Watcher and punched him. BDJ then left Jonas's house and headed to his cabin in the mountains. Jonas made peanut butter sandwiches for Bree and the two frolicked in the snow. This caused jealousy on Daniel's part. Jonas and Daniel stopped talking to each other for a short while, which greatly frustrated Bree. Things did get better for a while, though. However, Bree found a suspicious symbol in Jonas's place and tied him up, thinking that he was a part of the Order. Jonas ended up escaping, and proved to Bree that he was not in the Order. Things became very strained between Bree and Jonas, even as she attempted to apologize for what she had done. Bree ended up leaving Jonas's to stay with Tachyon after Jonas insulted her.

Jonas and Daniel went to stay with his Aunt Alex, until Bree raised suspicions that Alex was a part of the Order. The boys left Alex's and met Bree at a truck stop. Bree offered Jonas a heartfelt apology and the two put all of the drama behind them.

As the relationship between Daniel and Alex developed, Jonas became upset and began to talk about relationships with Bree. The two then spent time together exploring Mexico. After Alex was exposed as an active member of the Order, the trio headed down to a bunker. After a while, they decided to leave the bunker and meet up with Taylor, who claimed she could help them find Jules, another girl chosen for the Ceremony. Right after they left, they went grocery shopping, where Jonas pushed Bree around in a shopping cart. Once they arrived in Texas, Jonas and Bree skateboarded together outside of the car, leading Sarah, Taylor's sister, to suggest that Bree and Jonas must make out all the time. Daniel swore everything was platonic between them. Jonas then gave Bree a piggy-back ride back to the truck.

After the trio found Jules, Bree and Daniel attempted to kidnap her, much to the disdain of Jonas. However, after Jules escaped, Jonas did not hesitate to comfort Bree. First, he went out with Daniel to try and hunt Jules down, but ended up going back to the motel room to check on Bree. He gave her a hug, a kiss on the forehead, and many words of encouragement. His overall demeanor was extremely indicative of his growing feelings towards Bree.

After Bree went back to the Order Jonas said that he had been getting close to Bree. He said that he believed she liked him too.

Once Jonas, Daniel, and Sarah got Bree back from the hands of the Order, Jonas attempted to deprogram her by dancing around and trying to make Bree giggle. He further bonded with her as the deprogramming continued, pushing her hair behind her ear, hugging her, and giving her a piggy back ride through the woods. One night, Sarah decided to sneak up on Bree and Jonas and she caught them kissing on the porch. Jonas's demeanor in his next video, along with indications that he was in Bree's bedroom, led to speculation that Jonas and Bree spent the night together. However, the next morning, Bree took off, leaving Jonas to question Bree's true motives. He strongly believed that what happened between them was real and challenged Bree to look him in the eyes and tell him otherwise. Later, when asked by Taylor what he wanted most in the world, he very emotionally said Bree.

After Bree's death, Jonas was completely withdrawn and noticeably distraught. He did, however, find comfort in the touching voice message he received from Bree before she died. In it, she told him how much she loved him and that he would always be in her heart. She also talked about the "amazing" night they spent in the cabin together, and how she wanted nothing more than to be in his arms forever and ever.


Carl and Jill

Carl and Jill hug while Sonia looks on jealously.

In Spreading the Song, Carl and his girlfriend Sonia went to Jill's house to pick up a package. While they were there, Jill appeared to "check Carl out" and gave him a hug that lasted a bit too long. In the heat of a later argument, Carl accused Sonia of being jealous of Jill's flirtatious nature towards him.

Carl and Sarah

See Sarah and Carl

Carl and Sonia

See Sonia and Carl


Carla and Jonas

See Jonas and Carla

Carla and Toby

Carla's such a flirt!

Carla is a flirtatious girl, who seemed to be able to manipulate Toby to her will with her feminine wiles. She was able to convince him, despite much protest, to stay with Jonas at his house after Bree's death and to follow Jonas as he went for a run once they were there.


Chris and Mallory

See Mallory and Chris


Daniel and Alex

Daniel and Alex at the party.

Daniel first mentioned Alex when he found photographs she had taken at Jonas's cabin. He said that he was impressed by her photographs and thought that she was very cute. Jonas was very upset by the possibility of any sort of relationship between Daniel and Alex, and warned Daniel to stay away from his aunt. However, Daniel ignored this and began to question Alex about her personal life. He helped Alex make a marketing video to explain what she did at her job. Things continued to heat up between them at a party. Daniel flirted with Alex, and possibly even made out with her. Bree soon raised suspicions that Alex was part of the Order. Daniel believed that Alex was good and wanted to give her a chance to explain herself. Alex ended up coming clean and admitting that she was working for the Order. However, this was later called into question as Alex engaged in an emotional discussion about the safety of her nephew. Daniel forgave Alex and helped her video tape an apology. The two became close, and Daniel expressed jealousy over the mention of Alex's ex. Even when Alex was once-and-for-all exposed as part of the Order, Daniel tried to comfort her and protect her when Jonas pulled out a gun.

When Alex came back into Daniel's life following a long hiatus, Daniel greeted her in a friendly manner. This was largely because he realized that Alex had been helping him, Jonas, Sarah, and Taylor in their attempt to save Bree from the cult for a long time. When he asked Alex what the meaning of her codename, TCC, was, she snarkily replied, "Why don't you ask your new girlfriend?" This remark seemed bitter, perhaps implying that Alex was not really over Daniel, and was jealous of his budding relationship with Sarah.

Daniel and Bree

See Bree and Daniel

Daniel and Gina

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Daniel sees Bree in Gina

After discovering Gina is Bree's Biological sister, Daniel expressed that they had a lot of similar traits despite the fact Gina was unwilling to open up. When she built a bench, Gina smiled around him unlike when Sarah came to talk to her. He took her shopping when Sarah and Jennie tagged a long with him as back up. Later on in her first blog it was very clear that she and Daniel were flirting as he playful touched and pushed her. She ripped up her picture and he left, which clearly upset her. Later, Daniel and Gina talk to each other about the drawings, as Daniel presses Gina about her portrait of Bree's mother.

Daniel and Jonas

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Daniel and Jonas enjoying some quality "bro time".
Daniel and Jonas in deep thought about their relationship.

Although there does not appear to have been any actual sexual tension between Daniel and Jonas, there have been tongue-in-cheek type references to such in some videos, as would not be atypical among some young American males. Like any couple they have had their ups and downs during their friendship.

Daniel was initially mistrustful of Jonas and resented the fact that Bree considered his offer of shelter without appreciating his own sacrifices. Even after asking his "Internet friends" for advice, Daniel resented Jonas's intervention enough for him to go back home and leave Bree alone with him.

When Daniel finally met up and stayed with Jonas, around Christmas 2006, they soon got a chance to bond with each other during a road trip after Bree's sudden disappearance. The road trip culminated shockingly, forcing them to stick together even more. As Bree was upset and wanted to be alone, the guys had a chance to play foosball and talk about girls.

During Daniel's relationship problems with Bree and his subsequent drinking, Jonas was often found keeping Daniel company or helping him home. The friendship continued to flourish as they played even more foosball and Jonas gave brotherly tips on fashion and girls. After being captured and rescued, Daniel acknowledged that Jonas's constant psychoanalyzing was influencing him, and this suggested they were becoming close enough to discuss more personal and serious issues with each other.

Daniel had a falling out with Jonas soon after they moved to Jonas's cabin when Jonas's relationship with Bree began to progress as they spent time together without Daniel. Daniel regarded Jonas's brotherly relationship advice as hypocritical now that they were potential rivals and he was explicitly rude about Jonas on camera a couple of times. They eventually made up after "a long bro-down session" but Daniel still did not believe Jonas was not interested in Bree. Daniel and Jonas bonded again during and after an incident at the cabin which resulted in Bree mistrusting Jonas and tying him up. As Jonas subsequently refused to talk to Bree, he got close to Daniel again.

Their brotherly bond was tested by Daniel's interest in, chatting up of, and blatant drunken flirting with Jonas's aunt Alex. But they treated this awkward situation with humor and friendship and bonded over Alex's subsequent betrayal with more foosball and drinking. The second time Alex betrayed them, there was an altercation and Jonas at one point had a gun pointed to Daniel's head. Jonas apologized for this before they headed off to a bunker.

Whilst drunk, Daniel revealed his feelings of inferiority to Jonas and his disdain for Jonas's sporty, positive attitude to life. But, even whilst drunk, he confirmed his friendship and this was cemented when he eventually put his life in Jonas's hands and sobered up.

Daniel and Jonas appeared to get along for a while; however, as Jonas bonded with Bree while they were deprogramming her from her brainwashing by the Hymn of One, Daniel got angry at Jonas. He claimed that Jonas's tactics were unethical and that he was using her depleted state of mind to get close to her.

After Bree ran away again, Jonas got angry at Daniel, believing that he cared more about flirting with Sarah than looking for Bree. Soon, Jonas became so fed up with Daniel and Sarah's budding relationship that he left California to stay with Taylor in Texas. Shortly after Sarah and Daniel's relationship ended though, Taylor and Jonas returned to California. When asked by Taylor how he felt about the state of Sarah and Daniel's relationship, Jonas replied that he was probably not the best person to answer that question.

Jonas and Daniel teamed up to save Bree, but after their attempts failed, Daniel became angry and took it out on Jonas. Daniel accused Jonas of being responsible for Bree's death, and expressed his anger over the fact that Jonas had slept with Bree. Jonas, still dazed by the encounter, did not reply. Later, though, it appeared that they made up, as Daniel shared a message from Bree with Jonas.

Since Bree's death, Daniel and Jonas resumed their relationship as friends and set out to help Jonas's younger trait positive sister, Emma. Trouble hit the duo's relationship when Jonas began believing that Emma possessed powers to kill Elders, further fueled by the videos being posted by a mysterious stranger. Daniel dismissed this idea as ludicrous, and according to him, had an "epic battle" with Jonas over this disagreement. Tension between them remained high, becoming higher when Jonas took Emma with him to meet Claire, the stranger who had been posting videos under the name LaRezisto. Daniel, although furious with Jonas, begged him to come back with Emma. When it became very clear that Jonas's decision had, in fact, been a mistake, resulting in the loss of Emma, he came home but refused to speak to anyone, even Daniel. Daniel made a plea for Jonas to rejoin the effort and save Emma, telling him that he was there for him when he was ready to talk. Once again, continuing their friendship, Daniel and Jonas went alone together back to Jonas's house where they were able to talk to Emma for a few short moments on the phone. The relationship between Daniel and Jonas remained relatively solid from the time Jonas lost Emma to the time that Jonas and Sarah were seemingly abducted during a stakeout, and while Jonas was in Mexico gathering what information he could, Daniel remained behind missing them. Jonas soon left the desert and Sarah behind. While many were giving Jonas a hard time for leaving Sarah, Daniel posted a video letting us all know that Jonas did care about Sarah and that he was busy grilling Dr. Calvin Hart, a researcher for the Lullaby Project, for information concerning trait positive. Once back, having been able to retrieve Emma, Jonas and Daniel set about getting Sarah back from the Lullaby Project encampment, where she was becoming a little too comfortable. After saving Sarah, but unfortunately losing Emma again, all of TAAG, along with Jennie, the newest addition, set out to free Emma. With that, and the saving of Gina was accomplished, the gang went to Big Bear Lake to hide out. When Emma made the decision to leave, Jonas angrily lashed out at everyone, including pushing Daniel down and yelling at him. Although he posted an apology the next day, Daniel did not make much of a response to it, although when he did buy beer for everyone he clearly gave some to Jonas. Soon though, Daniel and Jonas were fighting again, this time because Daniel had gone off on Gina for leaving them and Jonas then yelled at Daniel for trying to control her. Jonas ended the video stating that he and Daniel were still friends, but remained unsure if they could stick together.

Daniel and Mallory

Does she l'care for him?

Mallory is a girl Daniel met after returning home, trying to lead a normal life. He'd only been dating her for about a week, when he announced their relationship, and he described her as "pretty great", saying "she rocks".

The first time Mallory appeared in person, the two went on a "hot date", watching a movie and grabbing something to eat afterwards. While eating, Mallory challenged Daniel to a telling of "his life up to this point in 25 words or less."

Daniel lied to her, but didn't reveal what he told her. He explained "...The thing is, I really like her and I-I just wonder if she's..gonna like me after she find out how fucked up my life is. I don't want to ruin that." Later, though, Daniel told Mallory about his involvement in the resistance, as we found out in Secrets Revealed. Much later, Daniel caught Mallory in the act of cheating on him with Professor DelMundo and stormed off before she could talk to him. Daniel broke off the relationship, but Mallory tries to make up and pleads with the LG15 fans to support her cause. She claims that DelMundo is stalking her and she posts a video supposedly made by DelMundo. Daniel rejected it as a fake and reasserted his disinterest in Mallory.

Daniel and Random Girl

Which one would you pick if you were Daniel?

Random Girl took care of a drunken Daniel. The next morning, Daniel was unsure how he got such a "hot girl" to come home with him, and wanted to go to another bar to pick up more girls.

Daniel and Sarah

See LG15: The Resistance relationships

Daniel and Taylor

The future Mrs. Daniel Beast.

When Daniel first met Taylor, he became very impressed with her when she told him how she had hacked into some websites to obtain Jules's address. "She's S-M-R-T," he whispered, and jokingly claimed "I'm gonna marry this girl."

Later, Taylor said that she was upset that Bree was missing and was especially worried about how Daniel was handling it. In Let's Play Doctor, Daniel, yet again, expressed his pride in Taylor's computer hacking skills.

After watching Comfort Food, Taylor responded to Daniel. Her actions and demeanor in My Sister = Slut, including her reference to Daniel's S-M-R-T comment, showed her growing affections back at him.

Later, when Sarah blew Daniel off, Taylor informed Daniel that he was "better than that", and that he should not let her sister's "act" bring him down.

Dr. Hart

Dr. Hart and Emma

See Emma and Dr. Hart

Dr. Hart and Gina

The "soulmates" embrace.

Gina is first seen as Patient 11 in a set of videos Hart sent to TAAG when Emma was in trouble. In the videos he essentially treats Gina as a test subject, and she appears to be tired and exhausted from all the testing. They engage in small talk about music, and while she's with the TAAG Dr. Hart confesses that Gina was very strong until her last few days. After Emma's kidnapping it was revealed that Gina was still alive, and Dr. Hart had used Emma as a replacement Ceremony girl for Gina, who he called his best friend and soul mate. In the end he sacrificed himself not only for Gina, but Emma as well. There is much speculation that Dr. Hart truly loved her and gave her his money and property in case something should happen to him. When Daniel told Gina that he had lost his best friend, she responded that not only was Dr. Hart her best friend, but her only friend and her entire family. She also told Daniel that Dr. Hart had ruined her life.


Emma and Dr. Hart

Dr. Hart holding Emma captive
Dr. Hart and Emma in a more trusting time

Dr. Hart first appeared in a video that was mysteriously given to Jonas while he was in Mexico. In the videos he was doing test subjects on a girl who he later said died in the process of several tests. When Jonas found that it was Dr. Hart who gave them the videos, he was suspicious, but as he seemed to be genuinely concerned for Emma, Jonas put his suspicions aside. After escaping from Verdus with a tube of apple juice Emma expressed her happiness with Dr. Hart's clever ability to get them out. In Get Your Freak On, they made several jokes about Genius Freaking in which Dr. Hart opened up that Emma was just like Gina. When Jonas and Dr. Hart went to talk to the media to expose the Order, Dr. Hart was kidnapped, and despite Jonas's protest, Emma wanted to go find him because he saved her life and she truly cared for him. This was a betrayal in which he intended on sacrificing Emma to save Gina, even going so far as to tie Emma to a gurney and send a message to Jonas, explaining that he needed Emma if he wanted to save Gina. During the Ceremony, however, Dr. Hart seemed to have changed his mind, and plotted with Emma to poison the blood of William Porter, thus saving both girls. Hart sacrificed his life to save the girls and in his final video, he spoke out to TAAG, saying he couldn't bring himself to sacrifice Emma. Upon watching the video, Jonas said that Emma was very distraught and could not stop crying over his death.


Gemma and Brother

Gemma must pay after screwing over Brother.

Gemma and Brother were in some kind of romantic relationship at her Uni. She used her closeness to Brother to tip-off War Pylol as to his location. Their brief relationship is referenced in Tachyon's Puzzle (Language Labs).

Gemma and Sam

Gemma reminisces about Sam.

Sam was a boy Gemma had a crush on at the age of 13. His parents owned a petrol station in the town adjacent to her community. However, when Gemma's parents found Sam's name in her diary, they forbade Gemma to ever see Sam again. Her family used a different petrol station from then on.

Gemma and the musician

Gemma is upset after her bad date.

Gemma went on three dates with a musician. She found herself very attracted to him because of his musicality. She pretended to like the same bands as he did, simply because she found him so charming. However, at the intermission of a concert that they went to, another girl gave the musician a hug and a kiss on the cheek. When Gemma asked him about it, he got defensive and said that they hadn't been dating for very long and he could do what he wanted. This made Gemma upset. Some fans have speculated that the musician was Finn, who appeared at Alex's fashion party.


Gina and Daniel

See Daniel and Gina

Gina and Dr. Hart

See Dr. Hart and Gina

Gina and Jonas

See Jonas and Gina


Jennie and Ben

Nice... stapler.

Jennie and Ben worked alongside each other at Edward Salinas's campaign headquarters. When Ben needed to borrow a stapler from Jennie's desk, he reached over her, noticably looking down her shirt, much to her distaste.

Jennie and Jonas

See Jonas and Jennie

Jennie and Ross Thompson

Wasn't expecting that...

Ross Thompson is a campaign staffer at Salinas's office who first approached Jennie and asked her to write a policy brief on health care and pregnant mothers living in LA. He was impressed with the brief, and confessed to Jennie that he liked her and invited her to dinner. Jennie quickly declined, saying that she had a boyfriend. However, she later changed her mind and went to Thompson's for dinner, and hoping to use the date to search his apartment for incriminating evidence against Salinas. Thompson tried to kiss Jennie, who turned her head away and left to "freshen up," leaving Thompson to drink some wine she had drugged with sleeping pills. Once Thompson passed out, Jennie was able to find the documents she needed to get Salinas into major trouble.


Jonas and Bree

See Bree and Jonas

Jonas and Carla

Jonas is embarrassed by Carla's advances.

Carla was another guest at the party who offered Jonas her room key. Jonas seemed embarrassed, and quickly changed the subject. After Bree's death, Carla and her boyfriend, Jonas's cousin, Toby, visited Jonas to help him cope. Carla flirted with Jonas, in an attempt to cheer him up, but Jonas completely ignored her and didn't say a word. This led Carla to question whether Jonas was a mute.

Jonas and Charlie

See Charlie and Jonas.

Jonas and Damien

Damien really likes Jonas's jacket.

Damien was a man who flirted with Jonas at the party. Jonas seemed embarrassed by his advances.

Jonas and Daniel

See Daniel and Jonas

Jonas and Gina

Nice work, Casanova.

In the video Varsity Blues, Jonas comforted a nervous Gina about her upcoming meeting with Elizabeth Avery. He told her, "You know, you're not going to be alone this time. Okay? I'm gonna be there for you. You can count on that. Okay?" Jonas's comments cheered Gina up to the point where she began goofing around and playing football with him. However, Daniel had tried the same tactics just moments before, only to get virtually no response from her. A jealous Daniel commented on the fact that Jonas appeared to be wooing Gina, saying "First Bree, now Gina. Nice work, Casanova."

Jonas and Jennie

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Hot tub hookup!

Jennie first showed signs of attraction to Jonas in Attracted to Danger. After a couple weeks, Jennie made it known that she indeed had a crush on Jonas. Jonas hadn't mentioned anything about the video until one night in the hot tub. Right after he mentioned how he liked her video, they kissed. The kiss led to making out, and Sarah teased them about it the next morning to which they responded, "All we did was make out." After this it appears that Jonas and Jennie became a couple. They attended prom together. Jennie told Jonas not to tape them dancing because she wanted the memory to be between the two of them. After Gina's death, things get tense between the two. Many arguments later, Jennie declares an end to the relationship. Jonas tells Daniel to tell Jennie he's sorry, but Jennie says that sorry isn't good enough and tells Jonas that she's going to apply to some colleges. Jonas later admitted that he is in no position to be in a relationship.

Jonas and Mallory

Jonas ponders what a good catch Mallory is.

When Jonas first met Mallory, he mentioned how much he "really liked Mallory", and complimented Daniel on "finding a good one". Later viewers found that this 'attraction' led to nothing because of Mallory being a cheater, hurting Danial, then her leaving the series.

Jonas and Nikki Bower

See Nikki Bower and Jonas

Jonas and Sarah

See LG15: The Resistance relationships

Jonas and Taylor

Jonas is shocked by the success of his pickup line.

In Let's Play Doctor, Jonas jokingly used a cheesy pickup line on Taylor. Taylor admitted that she was falling for the line, but then became embarrassed and blushed. Jonas puts his arm around Taylor comfortingly. After Bree went missing, Jonas marveled at Taylor's hacking abilities, saying that she should work for a spy agency. After Jonas became upset by the growing closeness between Sarah and Daniel, he decided to head out to Zavalla, Texas, and stay with Taylor. However, when a forum member questioned Taylor on the nature of their stay together, she replied that Jonas is not her type, and that he should be more concerned about "another lady in her house who has her eyes on him." Taylor then mocked the interaction between her mom and Jonas using Troll Dolls.

Jonas later expressed how worried he was about how the stress of Taylor's mom's immaturity was affecting Taylor. As the two headed back to California, Jonas spent a great deal of time "checking Taylor out." Jonas also seemed impressed that when he and Taylor were discussing their future goals, Taylor stated she wanted to invent the cure for cancer.

After Jonas got stabbed while attempting to rescue Bree, he apologized to Taylor for bringing her into the middle of all of the his life's craziness. However, Taylor insisted that she wanted to be there with him. After Jonas was patched up and Bree died, Taylor privately admitted to the camera that she knew all along that they couldn't save Bree, and simply tagged along because she wanted to be there when Jonas realized the same. She hoped that if she was there when that happened, he would finally see her. However, as she saw Jonas become withdrawn and wander along the beach by himself, she realized that without Bree he was no longer Jonas, and decided to head back to Texas with her sister.

Jonas and Taylor's mom

Has Taylor's mom concocted a serum that will turn Jonas into trait troll?

On the forums, Taylor warned that Jonas should keep an eye out for her mother's advances. Taylor's worry was not unmerited, as we soon found out that she attempted to give Jonas a beer and get him into bed. Jonas later expressed his disgust at her behavior and the negative effect it is having on her children.


Mallory and Chris

A quick kiss?

Sarah tricked Mallory into meeting Chris; the two had a chat over a few drinks, and Chris was obviously interested in Mallory. In the end of the video, he surprise-kissed Mallory on the lips. Later, we also learn that he touched her butt.

Mallory and Daniel

See Daniel and Mallory

Mallory and Jonas

See Jonas and Mallory

Mallory and Professor DelMundo

Daniel, she's all mine.

After Daniel got kicked out of film school, Mallory bought Professor DelMundo a Cafe de Leche and was able to sweet talk Daniel a position back into class. However, many fans believe that Mallory may have done more than simply buy her teacher a coffee in order to help out Daniel. This speculation was furthered by her statements in Gay or Not? where she claims that her teacher is absolutely not gay.

A little while later, Mallory got a job working on Professor DelMundo's film, "Empty Promises," which according to Daniel made her very happy. Unfortunately for Daniel, Mallory's new job kept her away from him while shooting was still going on. After a bit, Mallory posted a video where she referred to Professor DelMundo by his first name, Ray, and spoke very highly of his opinions. About half-way through her video, Professor DelMundo showed up, put his hand on her shoulder, and looked at her longingly. He asked what she was doing, and she told him that she was blogging to Daniel. This seemed to make DelMundo jealous, who turned around and scolded Daniel for not working on his project and then told Mallory that they had to go right away because they had dinner reservations at 7. Later, Daniel saw Mallory and Professor DelMundo kissing on the balcony, confirming the long running speculations about their relationship.

Nikki Bower

Nikki Bower and Jonas

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Nikki is all dressed up for a fun-filled evening bucking broncos.

Nikki Bower has had a long-standing crush on Jonas. In Happy Holidays LG15 - NBR 8, Nikki made a holiday card for Jonas which she sealed with a kiss. She also asked Jonas to call her. In School's In Session! - NBR Investigates, Nikki asked Jonas to take off his shirt more, saying that she hadn't gotten her fill. In The Ceremony Girl?! - NBR Investigates, Nikki expressed her shock at Jonas's gun use, and said that the only type of guns she wants to see from him are his "guns" (as in, his arm muscles). She also doodled "Nikki *hearts* Jonas" on a notepad. In Bucking Broncos - NBR Investigates, Nikki invited Jonas to buck broncos and have a beer with her.

Even after a long absence, Nikki appeared to continue her crush on Jonas, for on October 6th, 2007, she posted When Nikki Attacks..., a video in which she made out with a picture of Jonas.

Professor DelMundo

Professor DelMundo and Amy

Mallory calls the kettle black.

Amy is a girl in Professor DelMundo's class. She frustrates Mallory, who claims that Amy spends more time flirting with the teacher than getting any of her work done.

Professor DelMundo and Mallory

See Mallory and Professor DelMundo

Ross Thompson

Ross Thompson and Jennie

See Jennie and Ross Thompson


Sarah and Ben

Nice ...camera!

As Ben went from door-to-door to spread the word about Edward Salinas's campaign, he was shocked to find a busty Sarah greet him at the door in a revealing top. He started to compliment her on her chest, but quickly caught himself, deciding to compliment her camera instead.

Sarah and Carl

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful girl.
Come to mamí!

Ever since the two met, Sarah expressed her distrust of Carl, often referring to him as "Creepy Carl." However, once she arrived at the Lullaby Project, Sarah began to warm up to him. After staying there for over a month, she came into chat and announced that Carl would never abandon her. She said that he had told her that her song had arrived and that they would "celebrate her evolution" that Friday. TAAG became nervous for Sarah's well-being, and went down to the Lullaby Project to save her. They witnessed a part of the Ceremony, during which Sarah was given the book, Finding the One, and Carl said "I never thought I'd see the day when I'd say, 'Sarah, welcome to my family.' But, Sarah now knows, she's always been in my family." Immediately after that, TAAG stormed in and kidnapped Sarah, who did not want to leave her newfound "friends."

As time went on, and Sarah's apparent brainwashing wore off, she stopped mentioning Carl and began to refocus her romantic energies on Daniel. However, when the group decided that they needed to contact Carl to learn more about Bree's mom, Sarah looked back at the book she received at the Ceremony. On the back, there was a love letter from Carl to Sarah, written in Spanish. Reading back over it, Sarah admitted for the first time that, while she was down at the Lullaby Project, she had slept with him and that it had meant something. She referred to him as a "good guy" and admitted that she didn't know if she wanted to find him, as she was scared that she had hurt him. The members at LG15.com soon translated the letter from Carl, revealing he wanted to start a foundation to eradicate poverty: Sacred Spirit. The Sacred Spirit MySpace was soon tracked down, and using these leads, Jonas and Daniel found the Sacred Spirit offices. During their stakeout of the offices, Jonas tried to get Daniel to admit he's jealous of Carl and Sarah. While Daniel dismisses this idea, Jonas insists that Sarah is trying to make him jealous, since he's been spending so much time with Gina. At the end of the video, they see Carl coming out of the building; however, before Jonas can go talk to him, Daniel stops him and tells him that they should come back when they have a plan.

During a backyard barbecue, TAAG receives an unexpected visitor. Carl himself shows up on their doorstep and delivers Sarah flowers as well as the news that he's left the Hymn of One. Sarah posts another video later, talking about how negatively everyone reacted to Carl. She talks about how she thinks Carl is "sexy" and doesn't care if he isn't such a good guy. She also says that Carl had made them a deal: he would give them all the information they needed to find Bree's mom, as long as he got some alone time with Sarah. By the end of the video, Sarah says she'll consider his offer. It appears that Sarah agrees to the deal because in Stock Options, Carl comes over to pick up Sarah for lunch; he also informs the TAAG when the board meetings at Verdus are held.

After Gina is kidnapped by Elizabeth Avery and returned, Daniel accuses Carl of setting Gina up and attacks him several times. Carl merely denies it and says that because he satisfies Sarah, Daniel is just jealous; he even adds that Daniel's pushing her away. Despite the group's feelings for Carl, Sarah decides to do her part and calls him up for lunch in an attempt to dig up some information on Elizabeth Avery; Carl, however, catches on quickly. After Elizabeth Avery personally gives TAAG a name to work with, Mary Annette, Daniel takes out the P. monkey e-mail from Bree, where she mentions receiving a marionette that came from Alcombe. With some further research, a website for Alcombe Antiques was found, and TAAG set off for Alcombe via a boat.

Shortly after helping out at the Alcombe Antiques store in search of a lead on Bree's Elder, Carl called Sarah and invited her on a real vacation. Feeling "ignored", Sarah accepts and leaves. Fifteen videos later, TAAG returns to the house after watching a video of Michelle Clore, saying that one of the members of the TAAG needs to be killed. The group finds Sarah and Carl already in the house, looking very much together and in full Mexican swing. Carl is mentioned but isn't seen again until an emergency arises; Sarah receives an e-mail with a video file attached from Carl, showing that he has been kidnapped. In the video, he can be seen strapped to a bomb, along with the threat, "EITHER YOU COME TO ME BY FRIDAY AT NOON OR YOUR FRIEND GOES TICK, TICK BOOM!" After she has calmed down, Sarah talks of the side of Carl no one got to see: "He always took me seriously. He always went out of his way to be good to me... And he's... He's kind and thoughtful and he cares about other people. And... and he's innocent in all of this." Emma eventually comes to Carl's rescue, after which TAAG goes offline temporarily.

After the group's hiatus, Sarah develops the idea of having a prom at the cabin they've escaped to. She invites Carl to go, a gesture that stirs controversy, since no one is supposed to know where they are; only Emma immediately supports Sarah in her decision, although she can't believe Sarah would choose Carl over Daniel. At the prom, however, Sarah shows deep embarrassment for Carl's outfit and dancing, and she grows irritated when Carl spends much of his time e-mailing and talking to someone on his cell phone. As a result, she spends her attention more on Daniel, who she had originally turned down because she had already invited Carl. When Jonas accuses Carl of still being Hymn of One, Sarah attempts to defend him. She can no longer do so when Jonas produces a recently dated Hymn of One center swipe key that he found in Carl's car. Sarah seems to get over him quickly, however; not long after Carl is knocked out and tied up, she pulls Daniel into a private room and proceeds to make out with him while Carl gets away with Lucy. A few days later, Sarah is seen burning all of her Carl memorabilia.

Sarah and Daniel

See LG15: The Resistance relationships

Sarah and Gross Guy

Gross Guy was pretty horrible.

In the video Gross Guy, Taylor witnessed a literally "gross" guy (who she appropriately nicknamed Gross Guy), come back to their house in Zavalla with Sarah around 4 a.m. Sarah later confessed to Taylor in the video Sister to Sister that she didn't remember meeting Gross Guy, and that he injured her. There was major speculation that Gross Guy raped Sarah, but it is highly unlikely, as Sarah told Gross Guy to "get the fuck out of my house!"

Sarah and Jay

Sarah laughs off Jay's rejection.

In her MySpace blog, Sarah said she hooked up with a boy named Jay behind the pig stalls at the fair. However, afterwards, Jay ignored Sarah and expressed interest in a girl named Vanessa, who he ended up taking to the prom. Sarah later saw Jay at a bar and attempted to make him jealous by making out with the bartender.

Sarah and Joe

Joe hoped to get lucky. ;)

Whoever Joe is, he never much stood a chance. We witnessed him trying to reach Sarah on her cell phone, to which Sarah replied that he's one of the mistakes she's made. She later jibed, "Bet he thought he'd get lucky tonight. Then again... so did I."

Sarah and Jonas

See LG15: The Resistance relationships

Sarah and Scott

Sarah getting dressed up for her date with Scott.

Shortly after Bree's death, Sarah gave up on her relationship with Daniel, and started dating a slew of other boys. In Sluttiness Prevails, Sarah prepares for a date with Scott, who she says is the only guy she's dated who hasn't tried to hook up with yet. However, she does not seem to care much about him. Her sister, Taylor, respects Scott for not trying to hook up with Sarah, and asks him to not judge her too harshly for however obnoxious she is to him.

Sarah and the bartender

Sarah enjoys the rewards of dating a bartender.

After spotting her ex at a bar, Sarah decided to make him jealous by dancing on the table with her friend Brittany and kissing the bartender. By the end of the night, the bartender "had enough material to keep himself company for eternity." [1]


Sonia and Carl

Sonia and Carl argue at Alex's party.

Sonia and Carl are a dysfunctional couple we first met at Alex's party. Carl seemed abusive. Later Sonia and Carl showed up with Bree in Sing With Me acting calm and almost emotionless. Sonia and Carl appeared to be the leaders of the Hymn of One during the seminar. Sonia and Carl have since broken up after Sonia realized the evils of The Hymn of One.


Spencer and Taylor

See Taylor and Spencer


Taylor and Daniel

See Daniel and Taylor

Taylor and Jonas

See Jonas and Taylor

Taylor and Perry

Sarah is disgusted by her sister's hookup.

When Sarah's friend Perry went to retrieve his shirt from her house, he ended up spending time with Taylor. This encounter resulted in a hickey on Taylor's neck, much to the disgust of Sarah, who thought Perry was too old for her. However, Taylor defended her actions, saying that Perry wouldn't be 18 for two more months and that he was both nice and "kinda cute."

Taylor and Spencer

Is Spencer reenacting the infamous yawn technique?

In The Bree Solution, Taylor and Spencer spent time alone at Spencer's apartment to trying to read the documents found by Daniel and Sarah in All Wet. This hinted at some flirting. However, in We Have A Plan, Spencer referred to Taylor as his "little sister," thus nixing any discussions of a romantic relationship between the two for the time being. However, rumors started up again after the two got excited over Taylor's defeat of Pacman. Their mutual, nerdy enthusiasm led Sarah to exclaim that she believed her sister had found her future husband. However, in the The Serum they seemed much less flirty.

Taylor & Sarah's Mother

Taylor & Sarah's Mother and D-C-Cubed

Taylor admits that the kids who go to DCCC aren't the "sharpest tools in the box."

D-C-cubed was the nickname given by Taylor for her mother's first 'boy toy.' Being a current student of Dallas County Community College, Taylor found him to be both too stupid and too young (being 21 years old) to date her mother. Taylor also believed that the only reason her mother began dating him was to get back at her husband for dating a 19 year old.

Taylor & Sarah's Mother and Father

Taylor's parents' relationship is "topsy-turvy."

Though it remains unclear what exactly happened between the two, Taylor and Sarah's parents recently divorced. From what was seen in My Mom's A Freak!, their mother is clearly choosing to be promiscuous, reasoning that if her husband's won't act his age, why should she?

Taylor & Sarah's Mother and Jack

Sarah finds her mother's hookup "inappropriate"!

In Sexy Librarian ;), Sarah witnessed Jack's influence on her home by showing Jack's truck outside and his clothes sprawled inside. While Sarah conceded that he's at least older than D-C-Cubed, she reckoned he's still in his mid-twenties, and thus too young to date her mother.

Taylor & Sarah's Mother and Jonas

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Toby and Carla

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