LG15: The Order - Pilot - All the World Will Know

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TSIY Pilot 19
LG15: The Order - Pilot - All the World Will Know

Screw traveling cross country, I'm taking an airplane!

Blogger LG15: The Order
Date Posted October 4th, 2009
URL youtube.com
Description What if you could live forever? Bree Avery.

Have you heard her story? For it is one of both exceptional courage and demise. A tale of sorrow for the weak, yet redemption for the strong. It is we strong willed people that will use these tragic events to move forward in the fight. A losing war. Until now. Her name was Bree Avery, and on August 3rd, 2007, her life was taken in front of millions across the world. But unlike the thoughts of many who have come and gone before, I believe her end is only the beginning. Bree did not die in vein. There is still hope. The Resistance has not been defeated.

For years, believers in the power of man, have banned together to take down the secret society that destroyed her beautiful world. They have made it clear that no matter the circumstances that stand before them, they will continue to take what they want from those who are special enough to possess it. Eternal life.

We have payed close attention the documentations those who take it upon themselves to stop these monsters at heart, who believe in nothing more than self indulgence. We have encountered The Resistance. Now, it is time to see this story from a new perspective. Through their eyes.

The Order: The Move Is Yours.

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Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Jeremy Williams
Director(s) Jeremy Williams
Vidplay Jeremy Williams
Story Jeremy Williams
Editor(s) Jeremy Williams
Rosalind Cantarre Stacy Silva
U.S. President Jeremy Williams
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LG15: The Order - Pilot - All the World Will Know is the first pilot submission for EQAL's second LG15: The Show Is Yours contest, and the nineteenth submission overall. The title of the proposed series is LG15: The Order.


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Jeremy Williams, Creator said:
Yes, we know there are a couple editing errors and we greatly apologize. The final version of the pilot is acually perfect, and in HD Widescreen, however it will not export correctly for some reason. I will be trying to fix it over the next couple of days and will post a better, final version sometime at the end of the week.

This show promises to take you on an inside look at the inner workings of The Order, and offers insightful flashback sequences such as LG15: The Resistance and LG15: The Last, but in a new, more innovative way! Also, there will be at least one live interaction within each week with both members of The Resistance and The Order, a live event in Los Angles, CA, and a 12in12 finale!

Hope you like it!!! - Jeremy Williams (Creator)
  • During the portion of the video where a figure was seen navigating on a computer, the fourth wall was broken several times. A link for LG15 Today was seen in the search bar and on the LGPedia phrases such as show titles and the phrase "LG15 Franchise" were prominently seen.