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Featured Articles

Not long ago, the Main Page of the LGPedia featured a featured article every few weeks. Featured articles highlighted the best work on the LGPedia, by providing prominent placement to interesting well-done articles that might not otherwise receive the notice they deserve.

Previous Featured Articles

Criteria for Inclusion

Articles should be nominated by adding {{feature nomination}} on an article's talk page and posting a reason for the nomination at LGPedia_talk:Featured articles. Consensus among interested editors is the preferred method of selection. Video pages are probably longshots for inclusion, as one page is not that much different than another. Featured articles are not a vehicle for self-promotion, clear attempts at self-promotion will probably be met with resistance. For a list of nominated articles, see Category:Featured article nominees

Process for Inclusion

Before being included on the Main Page, an article should be reviewed by multiple editors, and attempts should be made to improve and verify the content. At any given time there should be a featured article on the Main Page, the featured article for the next week should be selected, and a collection of nominations should be discussed.