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HSAO Video
Lesson From Professor Boone

Through everything that begins and ends and continues.

Blogger Ms. Kelly
Date Posted December 13th, 2006
URL revver.com
Description Music by Noman Outlander (Nocturne) This special lesson in physiology is for students only from Professor Boone.
YouTube Tags hsa profboone mskelly lg15 lonelygirl15

Music Nocturne by Noman Outlander
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(Revolving Earth picture, caption: HSA: Special Student Video)

Special Lesson from Professor Boone

The Amazing World of Physiology

My eyes are lenses.

(A short clip of forest and mountains)

They focus and connect.

I cannot reach the top of trees except with these eyes.

(A clip of forest in the moonlight)

I have other useful parts.

Hands that push forwards through time.

Against wind

(A clip of the hand with candle lightening the other candle)

Muscles bend bones.

(A clip of the hand with candle lightening the other candle, more candles seen in the background)

Energy creates protection.

And when I need to, I use my legs as a crutch.

They take me exploring to witness the safety of danger.

(A clip of dark street)

Who ever goes there? Who would want to?

I take this route sometimes.

just to feel

(A clip o dark street continues)

My brain leads me to worry about time.

(A clip of clock)

I worry about the other people's physiology.

(A clip of burning tree)

Bodies can move through heat,

and through everything that begins

and ends

(A clip of the moonset)

and continues.

The lesson is over for now.

(Revolving Earth picture, caption: HSA: Special Student Video)

Human Physiology can be quite amazing.


This video has only been posted on Revver account.