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Episode 5/1x005


Blogger Dehteraew
Date Posted February 16th, 2007
Length 2:34
Description barely got out after. edited for ten minutes, posted and moved on.
YouTube Tags LG15 lonelygirl15 bree danielbeast daniel jonas jonastko opaphid tachyon trouble
Linc Logan Rapp
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Maneuvers is the fifth video in the dehteraew video series.


(Linc drives down a road, mumbling.)

Linc: Just go. Go, go, go, go, go. I can't make it. Damnit! (Linc is getting out of the car.) Shit. Damnit. Just go!

(He begins running down a street. He zooms in on some lit windows on a building.)

Linc: Yeah, I can make it. I can make it.

(Linc runs up a staircase in a parking garage. He puts the camera down on a railing and catches his breath. The garage looks suspiciously like the one where Drew Avery was shot.)

Linc: I didn't make it. Fuck, I didn't make it. (Linc talks to the camera.) I don't know if they... I don't know if they got me up here. I go to Pete's apartment. You know what happened, you saw what happened. I don't know what I'm going to be doing. I'll think of something. Jonas, what the hell are you doing? They need to keep Bree alive, that is mandatory. You and Daniel are not. You guys need to get out of there. I don't know what they want with me. I don't even know why they sent me to Fresno. This is a bullshit town. There is nothing... nothing. I mean, look. (He picks up the camera and points it around at what he is looking at.) Look at this. (He puts the camera back.) Empty skyline! What could they possibly want here? There's nothing here. Except it's by itself. A city of 500,000 in the middle of nowhere. They can hind in plain sight and just wait until we're isolated, and then it's over. I have no money, I have the clothes that I'm wearing. Julie, if you see this, run. You should already be running. Bree, Jonas, Daniel, go. That house is burnt. Find a clean house, get out of there. Where ever you are, and I've got a pretty good guess where, it's not safe. People have been saying that for a while, but I know. Tachyon, I got nothin' to say to you.