Marla Singer Interview

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Episode 31/2x018
Marla Singer Interview

Why does everyone say I can't ask questions?

Blogger Clara Stokes
Date Posted September 3rd, 2007
Length 4:35
Description I think she represents how a lot of Maddison's online friends feel and felt.
YouTube Tags Maddison Atkins Marla Singer Clara Stokes SFA Documentary thesis
Marla Maya Kramer
Clara April Rickman
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Marla Singer Interview is the thirty-first video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the eighteenth video of chapter two. On the maddisonatkins account it is titled Marla Singer.


Marla: Okay, cool. Uhm - this is really great, you should totally like ask me good questions. Like, really grill me as to how it affected the online community. And like, what were the repercussions and stuff like that. Like, ask important questions.

Clara: Okay. How did the online community - how were they affected by the death of Maddison Atkins?

Marla: Uhm, we really only had a very short period of time to get to know Maddison. But she was really, really special to us all. I mean, she came to us for help. And uhm, we really embraced her right away. And so I don't know, what was happening to her was really weird. And we really wanted to help her. And so when she died, I think a lot of people apart from just being in shock that such a young life was taken, sort of, almost felt - I don't want to say responsible - but it was really, really tough to deal with, because you know we were supposed to be helping her. And we sort of couldn't really help her the way we wanted to.

Clara: What made Maddison so special in your opinion?

Marla: Maddison was another young girl that we uhm, we wanted to see pull through safe. I know that if anything like that had happened to one of my friends, I would have been there. And we couldn't actually physically be there for Maddison. But she was the nicest girl that I've never met, for sure.

Clara: What do you think of the repercussions now after she's passed away? And I mean, this and what's your opinion?

Marla: Uhm, these lights are really hot. Repercussions? I don't know - I guess, like I said, we all sort of feel like we should have helped her more, but we couldn't. Now we're just working really, really hard, like with this stuff that's been happening, I guess we're all really cautious. We're mourning her loss still, I mean, lots of people are. But we're sort of suspicious of everybody. I mean, with the whole Frady thing - the weird circumstances... I guess we're just going to try as hard as we can to save anybody else that we possibly can.

Clara: So how do you cope with the death of Maddison?

Marla: We ... what? We really - you and I need to talk about how to ask questions in an interview like this. Like - uh...

Clara: What's... uh... what would you say in this instance then?

Marla: Uhm, how I'm coping is pretty clear by the answers that I've already given. You've got good footage - I wouldn't worry about asking people directly about how depressed they are. "So did you become an alcoholic after Maddison Atkins died?" There are a lot of questions that you could be asking. Like, really big things. I mean, what happened to Joel Frady? I mean, was it suicide? You know, I mean, if it was, what were the circumstances? You know what I mean, your tapes, like think about ... your tapes were stolen from your car. Someone got into your trunk and took your tapes. I mean, that's... aren't you creeped out by that? Like, doesn't that sort of freak you out? I mean, I don't know. What about...what about London? Your name was on a piece of paper in a restaurant in London. And you..? Does none of this resonate with you? Are you not worried about any of this stuff?

Clara: Well, of course I'm worried about it. But there's not much that I can do about it right now. So, uhm... well, I gotta I gotta go. But I think you very much for coming and taking the time to come in and do this interview. I appreciate it.

Marla: Yeah, no problem.

Clara: Thank you very much.

Marla: Hey Clara, can I get Adam Lamar's number off of you?

Clara: Uh...


  • This video was posted to amblyopianne and maddisonatkins. Clara's title on amblyopianne was Marla Singer Interview, while the title on maddisonatkins was Marla Singer.