adamlamarlaTV Episode 3

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Episode ADA4
adamlamarlaTV Episode 3

Jazz hands?

Blogger Adam Lamar
Date Posted September 3rd, 2007
Length 0:00
Description Uncle Adam and his new sidekick.
YouTube Tags Adam Lamar TV Marla Singer Clara Stokes SFA Maddison Atkins
Music "The Good Life" by Adam Lamar
Marla Maya Kramer
Adam Lamar Adam Lamar
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adamlamarlaTV Episode 3 is the fourth video in the adamlamar video series, a component of the Maddison Atkins video series.


(Adam's song, "The Good Life" begins playing. Marla is sitting in Adam's chair. She takes a sip of a drink, and makes a face.)

Adam: Action.

Marla: Hey, hey, it's me Adam Lamar. I'm the battle rap master, and everyone watching this video is retarded!

Adam: Cut! I did not say that.

Marla: What?

Adam: Action.

Marla: Yo, yo, yo. It's big ol' me, doing the thing I do in the place to be. It's adamlamar TV... in front of the Christmas tree!

Adam: Nooo. You can't just say "yo, yo, yo"... and stop rhymin' all the time.

Marla: XO. So a lot of you know I was goin' to Vegas to see my boys. Mixed tape! XO, XO, XO. Yep yep. Boooooyz! XO. Yeah, when I was in Vegas, I shot zero frames of video. Wanna see? Well, you can't. (Cuts to Marla with a big pillow stuffed under her shirt, in reference to Adam's large stomach.) XO, wut?

Adam: Cut! Don't call me a wigger! Stop doing those hip-hop hands!

(Marla does "spirit fingers".)

Adam: Cut!

(Marla does more hip-hop hands.)

Adam: Noooo!

Marla: For his new record, Da Bomb...

Adam: Get the fuck out of the chair. Get out. I can't work like this. (Marla gets out of the chair, and Adam sits in it.) Yeah, that wasn't me, just in case anybody was wondering. But, I gotta be nice because somebody flew out here all the way from Washington just to be on adamlamarTV. 'Cause I'm master of the game, bitches. (Marla reaches in from off camera and pokes Adam in the belly.) What'd I tell you?

(Advert for Made You Look Productions comes on. Cuts back to Marla.)

Marla: Make me a trailer, bitches. XO.