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This message was Mr. Zipp's answer to Maddison's message. The message was tied on her doorknob. It contained two notes.

The first note



This note was used to discover the passphrase ("Blind" - referring to Tom Wiggins - blind pianist and composer.) for use in the second note (see below)

The second note


Cpiayjplr - Cwwj Wdoxn - Sxoht bfzja ulp vatk - TB - Luugs!


This was solved by using the Vigenére Autokey<ref name=Vinegare>Vigenére Autokey</ref>. It is a tool which can encrypt or decrypt messages using the passphrase - some word that must be known by a person who wants to read encrypted message.

Passphrase for this message was Blind. Second part of the message refered to Tom Wiggins - blind pianist and composer. (see above)

The second note translated to:

Beanville - Holy Swamp - Above below the head - PU - Hurry!

It was solved as:

Beanville - Beantown - Boston
Holy Swamp - Holy Marsh - Marsh Chapel on the Boston University campus

This message lead to the third drop in Marsh Chapel, Boston.



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