My Juggling for World Piece

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Flock Video 0056
My Juggling for World Piece

I love juggling oranges...

Blogger Ananda
Date Posted March 15th, 2008
Description I wish we could all find our own tune, and be in balance. Wouldn't that be wonderful?
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Ananda Brooke Curtis
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My Juggling for World Piece is the fifty-sixth video in the The Chosen Flock video series. It is the fifteenth video of Season 2.


(Ananda walks in frame, takes off her hood, and sits on the bed)

Ananda: Hello everybody. I've been volunteering at a community center, and as you know, something that always gets to me is how out of tune the world is. Nothing seems to be in harmony anymore. Everything just creates dissonance... Okay, I realize a lot of you might not know what I'm talking about, um, with "in tune" and "harmony" and "dissonance." I guess you could say being out of tune is like... sort of like being out of sync, being out of balance, I guess. I just wish it could balance things more successfully like a tight-rope walker or a juggler. I mean, jugglers have so much going on, just like the world. They have these three balls and they throw them up and somehow they keep them there. They're able to concentrate on each ball, and yet keeping them all up there. Anyway, It was thinking of the juggler that inspired me for this piece. (Artwork appears on the screen.) As you can see, the juggler is a mix of all nationalities and genders. This is because it represents not just one person, but the earth. The juggler is juggling an orange, representing order; glasses, representing identity; a fish, representing intelligence; a toaster, representing temperament; and a clock, representing rhythm, the beat to your own song. (Cut back to Ananda) When one is able to successfully juggle, all of these characteristics: order, identity, intelligence temperament, and rhythm... Peace can be achieved. When everyone is juggling in harmony, then world peace is possible. I hope to see the day when everyone in the world can live in peace. That will be a great day. (Stands up to turn off camera).



  • This video suggests that the Order may be using Zoey's "Juggling for World Peace" as a means to spread their evil orange propaganda, though it seems unlikely, as peace is the last thing that orange would be associated with.