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Ross Thompson
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First Appearance Last Appearance
Satan's HQ Undercover Lovers
Character information
Age Unknown
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
Portrayed by Tom Pettit

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Ross Thompson is the Economic Policy Adviser for Edward Salinas. After learning of Jennie's (under the alias Lisa Goodwin) past experience working in prenatal care for underprivileged women, he asked her to write a policy brief on health care and pregnant mothers living in Los Angeles by 6am the next morning. Upon reading the brief, he informs Jennie that her writing skills impressed him and the rest of the Salinas Campaign.

Not long after Jennie took leave from the Salinas Campaign, Thompson and the rest of the staff accompanied Salinas to campaign in Washington, D.C. The tour ended on June 5, whereupon Thompson and the rest of the staff returned to Los Angeles. He contacted Jennie via email with the news, and asked if she could meet him for dinner to discuss the campaign. However, Jennie is unable to attend due to the complicated circumstances that occur at the same time.

However, Jennie accepts his offer to have dinner later so she could search his apartment. Once there, Jennie brings up Salinas, but Thompson doesn't want to talk about "that creep" and reveals that he only took the job because it paid well. He then tries to make a move on Jennie, who is taken aback by the gesture. She excuses herself to freshen up, and Thompson drinks the wine that she doused with sleeping pills, knocking him unconcious. Jennie then searches his apartment and leaves once she finds what she's looking for.

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