Sorry, This Is Prob Gunna B Really Boring...Re: Holy SH%T!!!

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Episode 0005
Sorry, This Is Prob Gunna B Really Boring...Re: Holy SH%T!!!

I'm "gokay", I promise!

Blogger LOSTchild17
Date Posted June 8th, 2007
Description hey guyz, i promise a better video is coming soon..............i promise!!! but i thought that i should just tell u guyz that im ok ;)
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YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 bree daniel danielbeast jonas jonastko sarah lizzy lostchild17 lost child 17 elizabeth
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Sorry, This Is Prob Gunna B Really Boring...Re: Holy SH%T!!! is the fifth video in the LOSTchild17 video series.


Lizzy: Hey guys, I'm finally here again. I'm so sorry I didn't make a video blog sooner, but again this is probably going to be the most pointless one you've ever seen in your entire life, but I gotta keep this quick. The only reason I couldn't make one was 'cause for the past three weeks or so, my parents were planning something. I never found out what it was. And there were always other religious followers around our house, confirming stuff, whatever that could mean. And about a week ago, something went drastically wrong with their... whatever they were planning, and it's been a madhouse here. Literally, there have been over, let's say... hmmm about a hundred people buzzing around our house 24/7 with their laptops and their cell phones like, connected to their ear. And this morning, I woke up and nobody was here, which is why I got a chance to make this video blog. I mean, literally nobody, not my parents, not my tutors, (whispers) nobody. (Normally) They were gone. And of course I procrastinated making this video until now, but of course. Anyway, this is so boring, I'll stop now and save you guys the trouble. I'll put a better one up soon, I hope. Soon, I promise, it's gonna be soon. By soon, I don't mean ten minutes, I mean like two days, maybe. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you guys that I'm perfectly go... gokay. I'm perfectly gokay. Perfectly okay, and nothing's wrong. Okay, that's all. Bye guys.