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Episode 0004
Re: Sing With Me

Whatever, I am so not a valley girl!

Blogger LOSTchild17
Date Posted May 25th, 2007
Description WOO HOO!! my speech tutor says that my *accent* is almost gone...but now she says that i sould like a "valley girl" whatever that means!!!! ne wayzzzz i jsut thought that i would keep u guyz up 2 date bout everything ;)
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YouTube Tags LOSTchild17 Lizzy Elizabeth blog lonelygirl15 lg15 bree daniel danielbeast jonas jonastko hymn of one eternal song
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Re: Sing With Me is the fourth video in the LOSTchild17 video series.


Lizzy: Hey guys! It's Lizzy. I'm back... well, I wasn't really gone for so long, was I? Anyway, you guys were really worried and asking me what happened. My parents almost caught me making the video. Which would have been really bad. No no, which would have been really really really bad. Really, really bad. Anyway, they didn't, so I'm happy. Um, you guys were asking me if I was homeschooled. Yes, I'm homeschooled. And you were saying how boring it would be or if I or even asked me if I liked it. I really don't care either way 'cause I've never really been to real school because my family's been traveling ever since I was little, so I don't really know what going to real school would be like. So homeschooling is just normal for me. I know it isn't for you guys, you're always telling me "Oh my God, you're bored all day!" Whatever! (She laughs.) Um, keep the questions coming. I will post another video with some answers. Okay, bye!