The Beast's Turn - "MMYB"

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Episode 342/2x086
The Beast’s Turn - “MMYB”

We salute you, Greg Gallows!

Blogger Daniel
Date Posted November 9th, 2007
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Length 0:17
Description My response to greggallows. Check out his videos at LG15
Location(s) The rented house
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 lg15 danielbeast daniel jonas jonastko soccerstar hymnofone order
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried
Series Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Supervising Producer(s) Mary Feuer
Director(s) Marcello Daciano
Camera Justin Thompson
Vidplay Amanda Goodfried
Story Mary Feuer, Jan Libby, Jonathan Robert Kaplan, and Mesh Flinders
Editor(s) Kevin Schlanser
Music Supervisor Seth Jacobs
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
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The Beast’s Turn - “MMYB” is the three-hundred forty-second video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the eighty-sixth video of season two. This video is correctly called "The Beast’s Turn - “MMYB”", with a punctuation apostrophe (right single quotation mark) instead of a typewriter apostrophe and punctuation quotes instead of typewriter quotes - it resides here for easier accessibility.


(We see a dartboard, and six darts are thrown on to it. Daniel walks into the frame, wearing a backwards baseball cap.)

Daniel: All right, Greg Gallows. I'm here to make you my bitch. What I wanna see you do is color your hair different colors, braid it, and then do the Grillz video, son! (indicates his eyes, then the camera) I'll be watchin'.

(He does a "gansta"-esque gesture, whispers "Paahhh...", and walks out of the frame.)


  • This video is a response to lonelygirl15 fan video Make Me Your Bitch posted by Greg Gallows on October 10, 2007. Greg's video said he would "do anything within reason" he was challenged to do. A number of his challenge responses concerned lonelygirl15 related themes.
  • Danielbeast's "MMYB Request" (Gutter Grillz) was posted by Greg on November 11, 2007.
  • Although fans have previously been mentioned in many lonelygirl15 videos in the content of helping TAAG solve puzzles, this video is the first lonelygirl15 video to consist solely of a shoutout to a fan.
  • At the time of release, this was the shortest lonelygirl15 video in history, replacing the first How Could You? video (Sept. 23, 2006).
  • Daniel also did more in-charcter interaction replying to Gregs responce with "Yo, man, you rock! Love the freestyle! You are MY BITCH!" and also in the LG15 forums posting in reaction to being "called out" by Greg "Hey - Yeah, I will pick up the freestyle challenge eventually but right now I can't think about anything except school and finding Jonas and Sarah!"