This is nothing

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Episode 28/2x015
This is nothing

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I used to write poetry.

Blogger Clara Stokes
Date Posted August 17th, 2007
Length 3:13
Description I don't know what got into me today. I see all the work that needs to get done, and now that I know I'm not graduating til December, well... whatevs.
YouTube Tags Clara Stokes Maddison Atkins Poetry Adam Lamar Graduation $150
Clara April Rickman
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This is nothing is the twenty-eighth video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the fifteenth video of chapter two.


Clara: So I used to write poetry. Well, not recently, but like in middle school. It was actually something I was good at. Which, considering all the shit you go through, I was actually pretty impressed that I was good at anything, really. Well, so I poems, like all the time. And I started showing them to my friends and stuff. I mean, that's huge. I kept running through those scenarios in my head where they come up, and rip them from my hands, and make copies and post them all over school and start laughing at me and makin' fun of me. But it actually didn't happen that way. They actually liked some of my poems. Some of them would actually come up to me and ask me to write some for them. And I mean, that was pretty great. Um, so yeah, I really don't remember... I do rememeber this one, it was called "Dirty Laundry." It was a pretty cynical commentary on the human condition... or it was about this thing on the cafeteria lady's uniform. Anyways, I don't remember... it was something like that. But, yeah, I just... I remember I worked the word damn into it. It was kind of a stretch for me back then, on my virgin lips. Yeah. Well anyways, so, I thought that it would actually be cool to make them artwork and post them up in my room... put doodles around them, or something. Something with words around them. So, my mom saw them. And uh, you know, I don't think I was actually there when it happened. It had to have been during the day, because I usually lock my door when I go down for dinner or go to bed or anything. Well, anyways, came home from school one day and all my posters were ripped down and put in the trash can by the back door, so I could see them when I came in. That was kind of the end of that. She said that it was "disturbing" and that it wasn't fit for a Christain home. Well, I just, screw that. So anyways, August graduation was on Saturday. Didn't go... worked. Made 150 bucks. I mean, that's not too bad, right? But anyhow, yeah, I'm into lap six of my college education. Sucks... can't wait.