adamlamarTV Episode 2

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Episode ADA3
adamlamarTV Episode 2

In a world where pigeons bring shit to innocent girls...

Blogger Adam Lamar
Date Posted August 16th, 2007
Length 0:00
Description Uncle Adam wants a trailer. Go make that shit.
YouTube Tags Adam Lamar adamlamar maddison atkins clara stokes chehadetheking XO Strip
Adam Lamar Adam Lamar
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adamlamarTV Episode 2 is the third video in the adamlamar video series, a component of the Maddison Atkins video series.


(Adam does a slight advert for XO's new CD.)

Adam: Adam Lamar TV, welcome back everybody. This week I've been trying to catch up with Clara and figure out what's going on with her and all this "conspiracy theory" you guys keep spouting. Me and my boy Chehade are masters of the universe when it comes to conspiracy theory, but there's not one here. She's explained it to me about a million times, and I gotta still only have one thing to say about it. "Booooring!" (A lullaby plays while Adam yawns and snuggles with a stuffed animal.) So I thought I'd put my request out there. I like... I like movies! I really do. I'll rent anything, even if I haven't seen the preview for it. If I have seen a preview, and it blows ass, there's no way I'm going to rent that film. So give me a preview. Make it so that I can understand it. Don't give me some long video with a talking head like the news. Do I look like I watch the news? Well, you're wrong, because I do watch the news. Do like, a soundtrack. (Adam's name flashes in large green font on the screen.) Put big, crazy titles in it too. You gotta get that voice over guy that did "One Man." I can't really do it, so that's why I need you guys to do it. (In announcer voice) In a world where pigeons bring shit to innocent girls... (Normal voice) Feel me? Go get on it! Adam Lamar TV! Check out my boy, XO's new song on his myspace. (The link flashes on screen.) It's M-u-z-i-k. Funai, if you're watching this - six days, bitch! Now go away, make me a trailer!

(Advert for Made You Look Productions appears on screen.)