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Marica M.
Person information
Age 16
Birthday April 7 (Aries)
MySpace Merrycam
YouTube Merrycam
Portrayed by Herself!

"Little mind are tamed and subdued by misfortune; but great minds rise above them." -Washington Irving.

Awesome things!

  • Because you want to know! :D
UBObsession.jpg This user is obsessed with userboxes!
Firefox.jpg This user contributes to LGPedia using Mozilla Firefox.
Charlie Small.jpg This user's favorite KateModern character is Charlie.
PSW This user enjoys Proving Science Wrong!
WolfInKilt.jpg This user thinks that P. Monkey has a dark side that has not yet been fully revealed.
Terrorslurpee.jpg This user is highly suspicious of Orange Slurpees.
NoWebCam.jpg This user has never made a Fan Video. What's up with that?
Tachyon They Are Watching.JPG This user wants to Bring Back Tach.
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This user is an [ aphid op ].