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War Pylol
First Appearance Last Appearance
Add Poe Hinder Vilification Tide To Revenge Afire
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Age Unknown
YouTube warpylol
Portrayed by Unknown
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War Pylol (sometimes stylized as Warpylol or WarPylol) is an OpAphid agent.


War Pylol is a user on YouTube that is part of the IPOD OPERA, the same group that OpAphid used to belongs to. It seems to have been acknowledged after the ARG was made official by the inclusion of the footage of the War Pylol's first video in Brother's video Gemma (Part V). War Pylol himself, however, has never been identified as one of the people seen in official videos.

War Pylol's first video is only one second long and shows a compact car parked on a street in a green, possibly suburban environment. The audio seems to be a logically short excerpt of a techno track. The video's title anagrams to "Location Verified, D in APHID", and was intended to alert OpAphid of Brother's whereabouts in order to have him eliminated. Luckily for Brother, Tachyon saw the video and arranged for his escape. They planted a corpse on the explosion scene to fake his death and since then Brother has been in hiding. One of Tachyon's puzzles, Language Labs, hints at the details of the incident, which occurred before the actual start of the OpAphid ARG.


War Pylol outside the home of Maddison Atkins.

He doesn't resurface again until late April with a second video. It is 21 seconds long and includes the footage of the area near the Maddison Atkins house. The video's title anagrams to "Location Verified, D in APHID ". After being alerted to the video, Maddison and Adam decided to run. However, they were both shot and apparently killed by Joel Frady in a video posted four days later. The video's tags included "d in aphid" and "Warpylol," and the description section said "A warning to others."

The most recent video posted by War Pylol in July is 18 seconds long. Its name anagrams to "E/ONE TARGET VERIFIED", although it is unclear what significance this has. We see a first-person view of a car driving down a road. It pulls up next to a bus, and the camera reveals that Linc and Rachel are in the bus. This video suggested that Rachel was wanted by the Order.

A video posted by Linc right after suggests that War Pylol was killed (or at least shot at) by Brother.


  • War Pylol is no longer a member of the IPOD OPERA (the same group that OpAphid was in), and has removed OpAphid as a friend. Could this hint to a conflict between OpAphid agents in the OpAPHID organization?
  • All of his video's descriptions are palindromes.


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