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Worldfiles is a web series drama that premiered as part of The Coalition on YouTube. The series later moved to

Kris Cogan Unknown
Mary Tyler Unknown
Hubert McEntyre Unknown
Charles Valere Unknown
Operation Ossifrage Unknown


Until June 2007, Mary Kimberly Tyler was living the unnoticeable life of a single young assistant researcher in Biology at Oxford University. This was before Kris Lamont Cogan came knocking on her door. Kris was the bearer of bad news for Mary: he had been sent by his employer to eliminate her. However, Kris takes Mary under his protection and the unlikely couple embarks on a journey around the world, seeking answers to the mysteries of Mary's life, meeting everyone from mystics to scientists to diplomats along the way. They discover that Kris' former employer, ROOT, is at the head of a secret enforcement-type organization, probably centuries old, and called the Service. The Service is linked to a larger organization called the Organization, which seems to be involved in politics, military programs, and scientific research. "Operation Ossifrage" has been put in motion by ROOT to track and find Mary Kimberly.

Mary learns that her father, the late John Tyler who died in a car accident on May 22, 2007, as well as her mother, the mysterious Beatrice who supposedly died in 1983, were both somehow involved with the Organization or the Service. Elements gathered along the journey indicate that John Tyler has been trying to protect Mary from the Organization for about all his life. Eye witnesses reveal to Mary that her mother did not die in 1983 like she had been told, but was seen working for the service in 1993 in Yugoslavia, and might have been a passenger in her father's car when he had this fatal accident. Now, Mary is on a quest to find out who she is, and what interest the Service could possibly have in her.


  • Kris Lamont Cogan - sent by his employer to kill Mary, but instead decided to protect her. Suspected to be a twin or clone of ZorinXL.
  • Mary Kimberly Tyler
  • Hubert McEntyre
  • Charles Valere
  • Operation Ossifrage

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