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Dani Martin
LG15: Outbreak: assistant director, director of photography
Portrays Crystal, Hallucination Woman (voice)
Background information
Age Unknown

Dani Martin filmography
Videos with Dani Martin as assistant director
Videos with Dani Martin as director of photography

Dani Martin portrays Crystal O'Brian in the LG15: Outbreak webseries. She is a young and talented model/actress, and an old classmate of Austin McConnell's. He approached her shortly after winning the second installment of 'The Show Is Yours' to offer her the main role of 'Outbreak', and the chance to become the new lonely girl.

Though unfamiliar with the original show, Dani spent several weeks preparing her rendition of 'Crystal', in order to create a character completely unique from the established norms.

In her free time, Dani enjoys theatre, writing, reading, horror movies, forensics, and long walks with friends. She also is an accomplished photographer, and plans to begin a career in education.

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