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Vincent Rouse
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LG15: Outbreak: producer, assistant director
Portrays Intruder
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Vincent Rouse filmography
Videos with Vincent Rouse as assistant director

Vincent Rouse is one of the producers of LG15: Outbreak.

In 2003 Vince moved back from California to Missouri to finish school. Vincent has been actively involved in making films for a large portion of his life and is skilled in several well rounded principles extending through the production phase. Vincent specializes in all areas related to acting and directing, but has on numerous occasions assisted in writing and overall story revisions. Vincent is known for his highly effective set running, making sure all key components are taken care of, and keeping to a strict and efficient time table.

Often noted as the guy who “gets things done”, he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty if it means making a great film. In a few instances he has been considered to be the exact definition of a Gemini; having a harsh and critiquing attitude on set, but completely generous and supporting off set. He makes it a rule of thumb to never sacrifice the quality of a shot just to make things simpler. A filmmaker that holds a strong passion for old school techniques, Vincent provides ingenious (and often unorthodox) techniques for accomplishing difficult tasks and scenes without slowing production time. In many instances, Vincent’s presence has helped speed many projects along, and helps to keep Tempest Pictures a well-oiled machine. In 2008, Vincent won the awards for Best Sound and Best Directing with Austin at the 2008 SATO 48 Film Competition.

Aside from film making, Vincent enjoys concerts, music, video games, writing, and adventure. He never passes up an opportunity for a new experience, and doesn’t mind “telling it like it is” (receiving the nickname “Common Sense”) to get his point across.

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