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Gregory Austin McConnell
LG15: Outbreak: Creator, producer, writer
Portrays Mason, Narrator (voice), Assassin, Police Officer, Francis LaFleur (voice)
Background information
Age Unknown
Twitter austinmcconnell

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Gregory Austin McConnell is the creator and an actor in the LG15: Outbreak web series. He gained prominence in the LG15 community portraying the character Masonishappy. He is also the founder of Tempest Pictures, and is a published author of the young adult series "Fallen Angels". The adaption of the novels being developed stars Katherine Pawlak in one of the main roles.

With a passion for all things film, Austin is a talented and versatile member of the cast; with his abilities extending through preproduction, production, and postproduction. He has been nationally recognized for his talents in acting, directing, as well as editing.

Austin is an accomplished writer, authoring in several published works. He is also an experienced actor, appearing in several film festivals across the country. In 2008, Austin took home the award for Best Male Performance at Missouri’s SATO 48 Film Competition, for his role of “Jack” in the Tempest Pictures entry “Syringe“. Austin is skilled in postproduction as well, proficient in several different editing and compositing software packages, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, 3DStudio, SmithMicro Poser, and Newtek’s SpeedEdit HD.

Austin has a keen interest in all kinds of activities, and craves adventure. In his free time, he enjoys writing, pool, video games, driving, music, and shows particular fondness for the game of Monopoly. If Austin wasn't involved in film, he’d most likely take to cross-country racing, because working a regular office job “wouldn’t quite pay the bills.”

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