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Either a code or Gemma is totally bonkers

Often the information Gemma shares in her videos seems out of place, wholly irrelevant, or factually incorrect. Fans speculate that Gemma may be using an elaborate form of double talk in her videos, giving Bree advice without revealing her intentions to the Order.

Nut Kills Man

The title to Gemma's first video seems especially connotative, given the circumstances that Daniel was in at the time (see I'm Hiding Out). Fans speculate that the title, Nut Kills Man, refers to the danger that the Order poses Daniel.

Beyond the more obvious link that nut could stand for a (cultist) fanatic, fans suggest that Nut may be a reference to the Egyptian goddess (of the night sky) of the same name. Nut is the mother of Hathor, whom Bree links to her religion in referring to the Temple of Hathor in her video Zodiac of Denderah. Therefore, the word nut may refer to the Order. Moreover, Daniel could be considered to have a "nut" allergy insofar as he is hostile to and afraid of the Order.

If the theory that Gemma engages in double talk is valid, then the reason for her discussion of the game "Squirrel Nut Man" may be intended to hide from the Order the fact that she is warning Bree.

Horrid Flatmates

This video was largely ridiculed by fans who argued that it was too insensitive for Gemma to cavil about her flatmates when the previous video implied that Bree's parents had been kidnapped. But looked at through the lense of double talk, Gemma's rant plausibly becomes quite relevant:

A fan posted the following analysis/decoding of Gemma's message:

Horrid Flatmates Decoded
Gemma's Words Gemma's Decoded Intent
Hi everyone! Bree, I haven’t heard from you for a few days - hope everything’s okay. Well, since it’s quiet on your end, (Since you have not contacted me)
I thought we could talk about my life here. (I want to give you information, but I'm probably being monitored)
I guess the biggest culture shock (This could be a shock to you)
…flatmates. (the Order)
I mean the nicest people can turn into these nasty demon beasts. (Don't trust them--don't trust Lucy)
Not Danielbeasts mind you-- (You are safe with Daniel)
real beasts. (They are not what you think)
They’re brilliant on nights out, but the next morning, they’re utter nightmares. (Just like the "ceremony" they forced you to lie about)
Gemma has a loud argument with herself, switching from standing over the bed, to lying on it (Portraying the inner struggle Bree is having with herself)
And the food situation…that’s just rubbish (The diet and the shots are bad for you)
I came home from Uni and found my biscuit tin empty (You will go home to find your house empty--parents gone)
There was a trail of crumbs leading to my flatmate’s room. (It will be because of the Order)
And when I confronted her, she shrugged. (And they will claim to know nothing of their disappearance)
I guess I need to put a padlock on the cupboard. (Be careful; don't go to them)
And then this gunk in the drain that greets me for my morning bath. (You will only meet with a similar fate if you do)
To be fair, they probably think I’m the one with the nasty habits or unsavory personality. (You probably don't know who to trust--especially me, as I have lived this lifestyle)
…That’s not true. laughs (Please trust me--I'm not lying)
Even though it’s hard sometimes, it has made me appreciate different lifestyles (I barely made it out, but I did--and you can too)
So that’s it then. waves Cheers. Bree, I hope to hear from you soon. (I'm scared for you; please be alright; and contact me soon.)

Bad Decisions

Fans speculate that Gemma's relation of her weekend date, and the trouble that ensued when a third party kissed her date, may be a veiled commentary on Jonas's potential effect on Bree and Daniel. The introduction of a third party, unwanted by Gemma, into her relationship with her date effectively ruined her relationship with her date. Likewise, the introduction of Jonas, unwanted by Daniel, may ruin the relationship between Daniel and Bree.

Fans speculate that Gemma mentions that she was attracted irrationally to her date simply because he was a musician in order to suggest that Bree's attraction to and desire to visit Jonas is likewise irrational.

Fans speculate that the wilted rose in this video is perhaps a warning for Bree about the Order. Fans suggest that Gemma continues to employ double talk because she is under their surveillance, following their instructions, or otherwise involved with them again.

Bad Decisions was Gemma's last blog before Tachyon videos Gemma? [Part I], [Part II], and [Part III] blew her cover, exposing her as an OpAphid agent.